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Dr. Smith's Health Care Products

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Dr. Smith's Health Care Products--rash relief is a click away


This is the official website of **Dr. Smith's Health Care Products. **I found this website after receiving a sample of Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment. I was quite pleased with this product and wanted to buy some, but could not find it in any stores where I normally shopped. I was glad to know that I could order it online or shop at one of the pharmacies listed and did eventually buy some at Walgreens. I was hoping the website might offer a printable coupon or rebate, but I could not find any on the site. Below are some features of the website: **Order products:** Dr. Smith's Famous Diaper OintmentDr. Smith's RASH-N-ALL (new product marketed for adults) **Diaper Ointment Information:** Learn about diaper rashes, prevention, treatment, and when to call the physician. **About Dr. Smith's:** Learn about how Dr. Smith developed his diaper ointment and eventually developed a product that is available throughout the United States and on the world wide web. **Baby of the Month:** Check out the latest picture of a happy customer and learn how you can submit your own photograph. **Customer Praise:** Read testimonials of customers who are pleased with this product. There are quite a few positive testimonials. I grinned when I read the one about Dr. Smith's diaper ointment being the "cadillac" of the ointments! **Market Growth:** See stats showing how Dr. Smith's sales compare to other major diaper rash creams and ointments from 1998 to 2002. It appears that this page needs updating. **Locations:** Pharmacies that carry Dr. Smith's diaper ointment are listed. If your pharmacy is not listed, this page has a form that you may print and take to the pharmacy detailing how to order the product. The website also has a FAQ section listing common questions and anwers related to their product. **My Viewpoint:** This website gives some interesting background information related to the origin of Dr. Smith's diaper ointment. I also learned that they have the new rash-n-all product for adults. Parts of the website seem a bit dated, but if you are wanting to purchase this product online or discover where to buy it in stores, this site has the information for which you are looking.

Piedmont, NC


Dr. Smith's Health Care Products

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