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Dr. Scholl's for Her
Dr. Scholl's for Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream

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Effective but don't expect a miracle


My feet are horrible. I sweat a lot, yet my feet tend to get dry. I especially have problems with drying and cracking in my heel. I sort of hide this all winter but I needed a solution for the summer so I could wear sandals without being embarassed. This product was recommended so I figured I would give it a try. I was surprised at the texture of the lotion. I expected it to be thicker. After my first glob out of the bottle, I shook it thinking maybe it was just because it was new, but the texture/thickness is less then what you might expect from a deep overnight cream. It is thicker then a usual body lotion but not quite as creamy and thick as I was expecting. I rubbed it on my feet (concentrating in my heels). It did make my feet feel softer and made a visible difference in about a week. Overall a great product as long as you remmeber it is not a miracle cure, especially for abused summer feet. Scent There is a very pleasant and refreshing citrusy type scent to this product. It lingers just enough to keep your feet smelling fresh but without interfering with other scents you may be wearing.



Dr. Scholl's overnight works well


I like the new Dr. Scholl's Ultra Overnight Foot Cream for Her. I smooth it onto my feet at night and slip on some cotton socks. By the time morning comes, my rough, flaky feet have smoothed out substantially and I feel like I just got a luxury pedicure of some kind. The lotion comes in a tube and is lightly scented and non-greasy. We all get those rough winter feet and this lotion really helps overcome that condition. You don't have to spend a lot of time trying to smooth those rough spots with loofahs and other products when you use this. Just smooth it on at night and you will be good to go in the morning. In a week's time, your feet will really be soft and smooth. My feet look so good, I can't wait for warm weather to show them off again in sandals. I'm thinking of trying this on my hands if I can find a thin pair of cotton gloves. The price is also right- it is an inexpensive, easy to find product.

Hawthorn Woods, IL


Dr, Scholl's Overnight Foot Cream. What makes it so special?


I recently bought Dr. Scholl's for her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream. I was really excited because it says it "softend the roughest skin, overnight." I thought it was just what I needed to help with my dry winter feet. But I have to say I was really disapointed. I really don't see how it is any different then any other cream (foot specific or otherwise). It certainly did not improve my feet overnight. I did give it the benefit of the doubt and used it for a week straight, still no noticable improvement. It also claims to moisturize deeply, again not seeing it. The cream itself doesn't even seem thick enough to do the job it advertises. It does have a nice smell and I do like that it comes in a convenient travel size that makes it through airport security in the ziploc. It is fairly inexpensive and can be found in any drugstore or grocery store. But obvisously these are some pretty sad positives that I'm coming up with!

Glastonbury, CT


Will repair your feet to beauty for that special night out!


   Weeks away from a special occasion, I'd just purchased some open toed and heeled dress shoes when I realized needed to pick up some shoe rubbing protectors to make the night of the event more comfortable. I was browsing the foot care isle when I notices Dr. Scholl's For Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream. My feet were looking and feeling dry and cracked, so I picked it up.    Firstly, the smell is very pleasant and soothing. I used the lotion every night up to the event and in less than 10 days, my feet were beautiful. In less than 2 weeks, my feet felt much better!    I highly recommend using Dr. Scholl's For Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream before your next big night out or to simply take care of yourself!

Yucca, AZ


Dr. Scholl's for Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream

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