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Dr. Scholl's
Dr. Scholl's Graduated Compression Health Socks

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Getting The Correct Size Is Essential


Compression socks aren't just for people who have poor circulation, people who are standing all day, have water retention issues, are diabetic or are amputees can benefit from wearing them but it is critical that you get the correct size in order for them to work correctly. My insurance company pays for four pairs of compression hose per year; since I have only one leg I can get eight right leg single stockings but they are pieces that run all the way to the top of my leg so wearing them in the summer looks odd and increases your overall body temperature. When I saw that Dr. Scholl's made a couple of different compression socks in different lengths I was curious to see how they would fit and if they would be an option for summer use. The first pair I got were too small and leave impressions in my skin so I bought a size larger and they were a nice alternative to the long stockings. If you need compression socks or leggings and your insurance company won't pay for them, these are an alternative but you need to get the correct size or they are going to be too loose to control the fluid and force it upward or too tight to be comfortable to wear. You need to put these on slowly and use even pressure when pulling on them; I have developed runs in a couple of them but that was my own fault. They are thicker than compression hose but thinner than actual socks. I recommend wearing regular socks over these when you are wearing shoes to keep your foot from sliding around inside the shoe. Also, avoid wearing these around the house without socks on as they can be a little slippery on hardwood and tile floors.



Dr. Scholl's Graduated Compression Health Socks

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