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Dr. Scholl's
Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Common & Plantar Wart Remover

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I wouldn't waste my money!


I had a small wart on the top of my toe.  I used it according to the directions and after using all seven of the applicators my wart was still there.  It did make it smaller, but it did not get rid of it completely.  I was hoping this would work for my small wart, so I could use it on my son's bigger one.  I finally made an appointment with a dermatologist.

Vancouver, WA


Duct tape works better...


I used this on 2 warts that I had, 1 that my son had, and wish I hadn't bought the kits. Using this product, they would shrink but wouldn't fall off or go away completely. The warts would get dark dots in them a couple days after using it, but wouldn't die completely. I ended up using duct tape and my son's wart was gone within 2 weeks (and he didn't freak out about the tape)

Boone, IA


Easy to Use Freeze Away Common and some Plantar Wart Remover


This product is really easy to use without any mess.  The instructions are silly because they say in the same size font that if you cant read them, then you should use the product.  If you could read the warning then its obvious you could read the rest of the instructions. In my opinion its better to get the larger pack of these because it takes quite a few treatments to effectively remove most warts.  I dont know that 1 treatment would remove a wart unless it was in a more sensitive and soft skin area.  I think its helpful to first shave down excess skin around the wart.  I also think that for ones on your feet you almost need to allow more time to leave it on the wart than the instructions say.  Possibly another 15+ seconds. I do not think that the product comes with enough application tips.  I often have more freezing stuff than applicator tips, which is frustrating.  Being consistant with this product is the key I think.  Has worked on some of my warts but not all.  I do like that its much more fast acting than painting something over it.  I often use both in combo.  I didn't buy the combo kit I already had some topical stuff I paint on that lasts forever.  Overall I think it works well if you keep at it and file down skin and calluses between burnings. 

Hotchkiss, CO


Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Wart Remover Works!


My son has had this stubborn planter's wart that keeps appearing on his finger from time to time and we were not able to get rid of it with the brush on wart treatments or the bandaid with the wart remover soaked into the patch, or the wart wax stick we also tried did not work.  Nothing worked, this thing would not go away, it would get smaller, but it would just come back bigger and stronger with a vengeance.  He was disgusted by it, and kept trying to remove it other ways, which of course can be unsafe and you need to get rid of this thing so you don't infect others.  Who wants to go through boxes and boxes of bandaids and the pain of bothering to put them on every day just to conceal a stupid wart?  Use this treatment!  It might be way more money, but its worth it.  Its quick, easy, and kills these ugly warts at their root and core.  It will be gone and stay gone, and that is our ultimate goal, isn't it?

Rochester, NH


Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Common & Plantar Wart Remover

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