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Dr. Scholl's
Dr. Scholl's For Her Pedicure Spa Kit

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Starting to baby my feet ~ Feels Vonderful!


For someone who is on her feet for hours at a time, I'm finally taking care of me. Ever since I hit 40 something cough, cough, oh excuse me. The kids are grown and my feet have been stood on, and on. So now my feet have said "Take care of me, you'll be happy". So I have started with the feet lotion, love'em, only if my feet could smile at me they would. I was doing my moseying around the store and came across **Dr.** **Scholl's for her Pedicure Spa Kit**. It's all in a nice clear carrying case, clearanced at 50% off, must of been a left over Christmas item and it was the only one there, just sitting there calling my name, darlyn please?  So I picked it up, checked out exactly what it was. Here it comes with Cooling Peppermint Foot Lotion (AAHH), A Pedicure Buffer with Rotary Motion (takes 2 AAA batteries, that are not included), a Beauty stone, Toe nail clipper, Pedicure brush, and Toe separator's, now what more could a girl ask for? The only thing I can think of is someone to do it for me. Yo James....lol When I take my shoes off after work, or take that extra free time to myself (yeah). I can give myself a pedicure, I almost had one once, but the girl put too much something in there. Because next thing you know it, it was like a Brady Bunch momment, bubbles, and bubbles all over the place. It was funny, I did feel bad for the girl she was new and felt terrible. I told her hey I don't know what I'm missing I've gone 40 something, cough, cough years without it's just fine. So if you happen to see **Dr. Scholl's for her Pedicure Spa Kit,** it's worth picking up. I'm loving so far, my feet are too. I thought I heard them say "Thank You" again.

Somewhere in Time, MI


Dr. Scholl's For Her Pedicure Spa Kit

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