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Dr. Scholl's
Dr. Scholl's For Her Corn Cushions

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A comforting cushion that stays in place to protect your corns


Dr. Scholl's For Her Corn Cushions live up to their claim to stay in place, in fact you would be hard pressed to remove them if you try. Unfortunately, they do not provide any relief and only a minimum of cushioning. I was so disappointed because I have used other Dr. Scholl's products and they have worked so much better.



Dr. Scholl's For Her Corn Cushions stay on and is hard to remove


Len and I seem to have more products for our feet than everyone else I know. I have had surgeries on my feet, bones removed from my toes, and don't have the prettiest feet around. I get all kinds of problems with them but one that is bearable now, is when I get a corn. The Dr. Scholl's For Her Corn Cushions come in a pink plastic compact, and have 6 cushions in it. There are 3 to a strip. The edge of the cushion has paper on it, so you lift the paper, up comes the cushion, you put it over the corn, and remove the paper. You then press the edges down. It doesn't say how long you should wear them, and they don't just come off like band aids do, so I tend to have one on for 3 days. I then soak my foot in warm water, until I can lift the edge of the corn cushion, and then peel it off. It feels, and looks like rubber, and doesn't move at all. There are warnings about this product, and one is not recommended if you have diabetes or poor blood circulation. Therefore Len cannot use them. They work for me.

New Port Richey, FL


Dr. Scholl's For Her Corn Cushions

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