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Dr. Scholl's
Dr. Scholl's Blister Treatment

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Mild blisters melted away with Dr Scholl's


 I got a good size blister on my foot recently after doing a lot of walking.  At first I just let it go - figuring it would heal on its own. However, it got worse!  That's when I went out and bought **Dr Scholl's Blister Treatment** in an attempt to get the blister healed.  **Dr Scholl's Blister Treatment** contains sterile cushions (they call them cushions) which are like a very thin Band Aide.  Each one is oval shaped, individually wrapped, and sterile. After washing the blistered area just place the bandage on and it will adhere quickly.  The first day I wore one of these blister bandages it didn't do much. However, I replaced the bandage each day with a fresh one and within 3-4 days the blister was greatly reduced and soon disappeared.  Wow - it really worked.  The blister bandages are so thin I could not feel it once it was in place and I had my socks on.  Also, it doesn't budge. Actually, the adhesive was a bit hard to wash off when I removed the bandage at nighttime.  These **Dr Scholl's Blister Treatments** come with a few advisories as follows: - Do not use on burns - Consult doctor if you have poor circulation - Do not use on infections - Do not use opened packet (keep it sterile until used)  The blister on my foot was a mild one although it made walking quite uncomfortable. But this **Dr Scholls** product really helped heal it in less than a week. Based on my experience I won't hesitate to recommend these for small or moderate-sized blisters. Just be aware they are very sticky and need to be applied to a well-cleaned area.

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Dr. Scholl's Blister Treatment

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