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Dr. Perry's
Dr. Perry's NightSkin

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Nightskin works?


I have never used anyhting on my face. I don't even wash my makeup off at night. I know, its terrible. But i'm 25 now and I decided I wanted nicer skin, so I heard the CONVINCING informercial for nightskin and i ordered. I was hesitant to purchase becasue it is so expensive, but i guess its cheaper than trying a bunch of less expensive products that don't work. Besides, i researched and this product was HIGHLY reccomended. I have been using it for 9 days now, and I have seen MODERATE results. I mean, its not really fair to judge it after only 9 days, but i do notice that my skin is softer. I'm really wanting to see results in the size of my pores and evening of my skin tone, i suppose i will have to wait on those results. But i definetly notice that my skin is softer and definetly looks healthier. I will continue to use this product, and I am happy that i bought it. I would reccomemnd trying it as it is highly regarded in the dermotologist community.

Philadelphia, PA


NightSkin, the best beauty product I have ever spent my money on


I was skeptical of **Dr. Perrys Nightskin**, but decided to give the product a chance since **Dr. Oz **recommended it in one of his books. I only bought one bottle initially and started using it right away. I am 24 years old and for years have been covering up my face with Estee Lauder double wear  because I was embarrassed about the large pores that covered my T-zone. I did not have acne, but had continual blackhead problems! It grossed me out and I would never go out in public without a protective coat of foundation!! I tried so many products to clean out my pores and shrink their size. Nothing was very effective, until I started using **Nightskin!** After a month of using this product, the results are very visible!! My pores have been cleaned out and visibly shrunk! My blackhead problem is nothing like it used to be. I haven't even used a Biore Strip  this entire time. My skin-tone has also become more even and my skin extremely soft! I do think Nighskin is NOT for those suffering from dry skin. Its main purpose is not to moisturize, but to repair. When you apply the Nightskin, their is an initial tingling sensation due to high levels of vitamin C within the product. This takes a little getting used to and for those with sensitive skin it might be irritating. I just ordered 3 more bottles on special and will continue constant usage! I am no longer plastering my face with foundation but going "au naturale" and my husband tells me I look sexy without all the makeup. **LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!**

Dahlonega, GA


Dr. Perry's NightSkin

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