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Dr. Fresh
Dr. Fresh Disney Pooh Humidifier

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good product


Wer have owned this DR Fresh pooh style humidifier for years now and love it. it is cute for a child room yet functional too and it helps break up secretions in the nose when it is run in childrens room over night. we love the nightlight feature as others have listed and it isnot to bright either. i love the fact that the pooh themed humidifier goes with babies decorations and themes too makes it super easy to incorperate this into a nursery. definatly a must have product for families with children adn can do double duty as a soft blue night ligfht as well. we love ours and definatly will kepp ours around for years and if need be i would purchase this humidifier again.i love this pooh humidifier from dr fresh!

Oregon, OH


cute and useful


I received my dr fresh disney winnie the pooh humidifier as a present for my first child and have been using it since, that was in 2008. I love the cuteness and the fac that it accually works. i use it multiple times a year and love it. it is easy to clean with bleach and vinigar as well. my only complaint is the bumble bee that controls the temperature comes off and can get lost since it is not to big. also if its up to high can make quite a bit of noise and keep kids awake. but all in all is a great product a great humidifier and dosent break the bank either. i love the nightlight feature as well and it isnot to bright eitherbut works great even when you are not using the humidifier. i would buy a dr fresh humidifier again, no question.

Fountain Run, KY


Pooh Humidifier Cute and Does the Job


We have enjoyed the Disney Pooh Humidifier.  It is nice to have a cute Humidifier for times when out little one is sick and needs some cheering up.  The "steam" comes out of pooh's ears which is cute. Because of this once you turn it on it seems to take a minute for the mist to show up visibly.   The nightlight feature is more like a glow.  It just seems to make the water glow blue.  I do not know that it is a feature we really need because of its poor output.  The dial on the front that allows for adjusting the mist level seems to have a large range, too large in my opinion I don't know if the low setting is even doing anything.  Unless the honey bee is turned almost all the way to the end of its range you do not have much if any mist coming from the top.  It is not really a problem, just something that could have been fine tuned.  It is easy to fill and take apart.  The green light on the front above the honey bee dial turns red if there is a problem with the water level or something.  Overall is pretty good, does the job, and enjoyable for those little ones not feeling well. Our daughter requests it sometimes when she does not need it :)

Hotchkiss, CO


Dr. Fresh Disney Pooh Humidifier

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