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Dr. Brown's
Dr. Brown's Polypropylene Natural Flow Newborn Feeding Set Baby Bottle

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Maybe Glass Would have been Better?


I have used Dr. Brown's plastic bottles for a few months with my son. I will admit they were expensive, but they were needed for that period of time. The down fall of the bottles is that there are so many pieces to the bottles. I actually ended up losing a lot of the pieces and of the set I may have 2 complete bottles left. With all of the pieces it was a lot to wash and sterilize. Mixing in the bottles was hard! You have to put this plain lid on to combine the formula. Then you have to put the pieces on and then the nipple and then seal piece. Then finally you have to make sure you have it sealed right. The plus side to those lids? Well the plus side is you can store some formula! Which is great for middle of the night feedings grab and go! Now the huge downfall that I had with these is when I lost any pieces I would have to go out and buy a whole new bottle. They did not sell the insides separately.

Marion, IL


Kind of Pricey for a bottle that didn't seem spectacular.


I bought these as a recommendation from my daughter's pediatrician when i switched her to bottles. They seemed a bit pricey but also seemed worth it after being warned about a colicky baby! The many pieces were very irritating to wash all the time. There's special brushes you need just to wash the pieces. After a few months of using these as bottles, I got tired of having to wash all of the pieces after I misplaced the tiny cleaning brush. I used the storage caps that came with my breast pump and stored breast milk and premixed formula in them in the fridge and freezer in the larger 8oz bottles. I don't think these bottles are worth the hassle. Not conplicated but kind of irritating to have to wash so many parts when a regular simple bottle with no inserts or extra pieces worked just as good as these did. Child's Comfort She didn't like or dislike these. Larger botles were harder to hold for her though. Leak Prevention Never leaked for me at all. Ease of Cleaning It was a pain to have to clean all the pieces with the little brush and if the brush went missing it was hard to find replacements and even harder to keep them clean. Keeps Air Out Never had a problem with this. Durability Bottles were tossed and thrown and held up pretty well.



Dr. Brown's Polypropylene Natural Flow Newborn Feeding Set Baby Bottle

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