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Dr. Brown's
Dr. Brown's Four Bottle Microwave Steam Sterilizer

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Seems needed - but so not needed


It seems like you would need a bottle sterilizer even if you are going to breast feed your baby. In your mind, you are thinking I need the bottles to be clean and sterile. I am not saying they don't need to be. What does need to happen is a different way to clean and sterilize them. There are quick bags for the microwave that do the same thing this item does. We literally openned the item and used it once and it sat on the shelve and then in the garage from then on. There are more important items that you can spend your money on then waste it on a microwave bottle sterilizer. If you would like a pro, it does do a quick clean job of cleaning the bottles. And it does hold quiet a few bottles. We even put the pacificers in to get cleaned. If you are an eco-friendly person then this could be for you as well because it will use less water and energy then the dishwasher. And it only takes two minutes to clean.


Portland, OR


Dr. Browns Microwave Sterilizer is worth the buy


Dr. Browns Microwave Sterilizer is such a great item wether you have a dishwasher or not. I use it everyday! It is one of the most useful baby items I have bought. It does a wonderful job and is a must have for any mother. It is the easiest and fastest way to sterilize your bottles and be confident that they are getting cleaned properly. I not only use it for the bottles and accessories, I also put pacifiers in it. It will accomodate any brand of bottle and it is so easy to use. After washing everything by hand you just stick the items in the sterilizer, add water and put in the microwave for six minutes. It is so easy and so much better than boiling everything!! Who has time to boil water with a young child running around?  And it comes with tongs so if you need to remove a bottle right away you can use the tongs to avoid burning yourself or getting germs on your "just sterilized" bottles. I would highly recommend this product.


North Haven, CT


Couldn't live without it


This is SO much easier than boiling...I almost didn't get one, but a friend persuaded me and I am very glad I gave in. I just store it in the microwave so it's out of the way - use it for pacis, dr.b's bottles and other brands too, for breast pump parts. It rocks.


Nashville, TN


Dr. Brown's Four Bottle Microwave Steam Sterilizer

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