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Liquid Fabric Softener
Downy Simple Pleasures - Sage Jasmine Thrill

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sage mixed with jasmine is a wonderful combination.


Downy is one of my favorite fabric softeners, and the Sage Jasmine Thrill scent really caught my attention. It's not very often that you get a nice therapeutic scent from a fabric softener, they usually have some sort of floral scent in it. I mean the jasmine is sort of floral, but it different from the usual floral scent. The scent of this fabric softener is my favorite part about it. The scent is very fresh and strong. It keeps my clothes smelling like a wonderful swirl of real sage and jasmine all day. It also has a burst of freshness so that the scent keeps releasing itself throughout the day. It isn't a irritating scent though. It's very calming and makes me feel at ease. It doesn't have a fake scent either, it smells very natural. Downy always makes my clothes, sheets, and towels feel really soft. The Downy doesn't just sit on top of my clothes and maker them appear to be soft. It completely infuses itself into the fabric, and leaves them soft from the inside out. Everything is so soft to the touch, and gentle against my skin. I also like Downy because it gets rid of the static cling, and prevents from clothes from getting wrinkles in them. If I could recommend one fabric softener it would be Downy, and the Sage and Jasmine is one of my favorite scents. Performance Downy Fabric Softener leaves my clothes feeling their softest. I use this on my towels and bedding as well. Downy doesn't just leave a coating on top of my clothes, it completely infuses the fabric making them soft from the inside out. Everything is always soft with Downy. Downy also does a fantastic job at getting rid of static cling and wrinkles, because whenever I use it I don't have either. Scent I love the Downy Sage and Jasmine Thrill Scent. I have always liked more therapeutic calming scents, and this scent was very enjoyable to me. It captures all the hints of sage and jasmine swirled all together. It leaves my clothes with an unbelievable unique freshness, and I can notice the scent sticking to my clothes for the whole day. I'm pretty sure this releasing fragrance throughout the day, because I could smell strong wiffs of it at different times. It has long lasting power, and softness that I really like, and it leaves me feeling very comforted.

Stroudsburg, PA


Downy Simple Pleasures - Sage Jasmine Thrill

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