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Dove Pro-Age Eye Treatment

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No More Puffy Eyes


I found the Dove Eye Treatment to do a really good job on those puffy eyes that we all get as we age. I saw it and it was a very reasonable price so I gave it a chance. I am so glad I did because the puffy under eyes (I call them bags) did improve a great deal. You must be consistent with useing it so I had to get into a habit of useing it daily. I have always liked most Dove products and have never been disappointed. Absorption Not greasy or oily. Works into skin so you are the only one knowing you used it. Effectiveness After about a week and a half of use each day I actually could see the bags disappearing. At my age I do not expect to look as I did at 20 but I certainly am more than pleased with this product.

Cornwall, NY


The DOVE Pro Age eye treatment smooths out all the badness!


I use this product daily and have seen profound changes in the appearance of my skin under my eyes.  I have less wrinkles and bags and my skin feels soft and taut.  My make up glides on so much easier and stays longer.  I have found that it is best to use The Dove Pro Age eye treatment immediately after washing my face.  The treatment seems to soak right into my skin.  It also provides excellent sun protection having an SPF of 8, which for me, is just right for my busy schedule.  My skin never feels sticky after application and never appears shiny.  The Dove Pro Age eye treatment is also fragrance free which is a wonderful feature in a facial moisturizer because it will not have a competing odor with other facial products.  I have never had an adverse reaction to this product where I have had some skin irritations from other facial and eye moisturizers in the past.  The packaging is very convenient allowing for travel in my handbag or suitcase.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a busy day to day schedule but still wants a quality product that stands up to its claims.

Dade City, FL


Dove Pro-Age Eye Treatment

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