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Dove Ultimate Go Sleeveless Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

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The perfect deodorant for me


I absolutely love my dove ultimate go sleeveless deodorant! I have been searching for a deodorant that lasts a full 24 plus hours and this one definitely fits the bill. But not only does it last longer than the other brands I have tried but it also feels smoother and doesn't leave those ugly white clumps like some others. I shave my underarms every single day and without the proper deodorant that can leave behind bumps and irritation. Dove Ultimate Go Sleeveless does an amazing job at preventing this. Ever since I've started using it I have had no issues with those types of skin problems what so ever. Plus my skin has never felt smoother or healthier. Which in turn makes them look better as well. Now I feel confident when wearing a Sleeveless top that my underarms look their best. The scents are also very pleasant and smell nice all day long. I myself have to have longer lasting protection to get through my day with no sweat or odor and this is my number one choice to assure I am staying fresh and dry from the time I step out of the shower until the next days shower.





I love this product. It truly is amazing. I've been suffering from dark underarms and when I seen dove go sleeveless I had to get it. On the deodorant it says go sleeveless in 5 days, I'm assuming that meant your underarms would be lighter in 5 days, mine wasn't. But I did continue to use and I can honestly say, 5 months later, it has made a huge difference. My underarms are so much lighter, not a dark spot in site! It smells good and it goes on clear. I really have nothing bad to say about this product. I would recommend this to any with dark underarms.



Moisturizing deodorant which makes for smoother armpits


I only rated this a 4 out of 5 because I wish this variety of Dove deodorants came in more scents. I used the "go fresh" series before this because I loved the different scents like pomegranate and cool cucumber. This particular series only comes in 2-3 different scents and they are not as strong scented as the go fresh series. Although this product does what it promises, and that's why I'll probably stick with it after I'm done with the current bar that I have. I'm not sure if it only took 5 days for "visibly smoother" armpits, but if it wasn't 5 days, it was a week at the most. I see less bumps after shaving and now that I'm in week 2 or 3, I'm not afraid to go sleeveless (I was fine with it before too) but somehow now my armpits look more like skin than armpits. My underarms feel moisturized and it also does the job its supposed to by making your underarms smell good too. Not as fruity or intense of a scent as the other deodorants, but still good.

Anaheim, CA


not the best Dove anti-perspirant


I'm going straight to the point... PROS: (the blue one) smells fresh; made my underarms soft and smooth in 5 days.. CONS: it didn't control sweat very well (It claims 24-hour wetness protection); rubbed off onto black shirts/clothes; expensive for something that doesn't control sweat. BOTTOM LINE: If you want a good anti-perspirant, this is NOT for you. If you just want a deodorant, this will do...but it's pricey.

Jacksonville, FL


Dove Ultimate Go Sleeveless Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

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