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Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray

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Wasn't what I expected from Dove


I have tried a variety of Doves products and have always been very impressed with the quality for the price but this hairspray didn't meet my expectations from Dove. First off this hairspray has the best smell ever! Not fruity, but clean with a masculine type smell is how I describe it. I didn't feel I needed to wear a fragrance while using this product. The hold claims to be extra so I expected my hair to hold. After spraying my hair and brushing I had a dry feel to my hair, my hair looked dry with No shine. This product made my hair look dull. I don't think this is a good product to use if you are a person who reapplies during the day, it's meant to be sprayed and go, with a light spray. It doesn't leave flakes, it doesn't have a stronghold, but has a great smell. I would recommend you try it out. I think I am just a big hairspray user and need a better hold. Dove has some of the best products out for the price this just isn't one of them.



Smelly but strong


The Dove Hairspray is very smelly but I will say that it is okayish strong. When applied, it is wet and that kinda ruins the hair. But after that, the hairspray will keep your hair strong and the way you want it. However, you must be careful about putting too much onto your hair or else literally everyone will be able to smell it from five feet away (speaking from personal experience; it took a while for me to learn to only spray about two times). Also, after showering the smell still remains and is very hard to get out (once again speaking from personal experience). Finally, if you are going to buy this, make sure to have a towel around your shoulders when you are applying it on. The spray will spray onto your shoulders if you are not careful and cannot see where you are spraying. Besides, those few downsides to Dove's Hairspray, everything about Dove's Hairspray seems fine.



i wish I've known about this sooner


I have searched for years trying to find a great hair spray that is flexible, easy to spray and smells good. I tried tons of products, either they smelled like chemicals or alcohol. Or i would have a problem with the spray piece itself. But the worst were the sprays that left my hair hard and unmovable. I have curly hair so i wanted something that will hold my hair but also let it bounce and move. I thought it was impossible to find something that seemed easy enough to get. Then one day i found a coupon in the newspaper for a new dove hair spray. It represented everything i wanted in a hair spray but of course i was skeptical. But i went to the store, found the hairspray to be on sale so all i paid was 99 cents for it! After using it for the first time i swore i would not use anything else! And i have not! This hair spray holds your hair together, no longer do you have to deal with frizz or hardness. It gives your hair freedom to move. It does not leave your hair feeling greasy or dirty. You don't have to worry about seeing specks of the spray left in your hair. And the smell, it has a perfume scent that i happen to love. Its not over powering, just enough to let you know its there. I can let my.curls flow and yet still be in tact when i use the dove flexible hold. I love this product, i wish i have had found it sooner! It would have saved me money and damage to my hair from the other products.



Worst So-Called Flexible Hold Product Ever!


I went to buy my usual Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray only to find that it had been replaced by this product which claims to be better than the original....NOT!!! This product has a strong scent which lingers on and on....it is so nauseating, not only to me but to others as well. On top of that, it is not a flexible hold spray; when it dries, my hair is like wire, I can't even comb it out the next day; if I try, I lose a handful of hair! How can they call this flexible hairspray? I've been trying to find the product that was discontinued but it is only available online in the states and would cost me a fortune to have it shipped. DOVE, please bring back the original flexible hold product...it was the best ever!!!



Dove Style+Care Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray

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