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Dove Pro-Age Rich Night Cream

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Dove is youth in a bottle!


I purchased the dove anti-aging night cream out of a last hope. I figured it couldn't hurt my puffy eyes and wrinkled smile. I really also was praying it would help moisturize my terribly dry skin like their body wash line had done for my body. I began a nightly routine of washing my face and slathering on my dove anti-aging night cream. After a few weeks I began to notice a huge differnce. My skin was now looking a bit tighter and definitly less dry. The moisture was amazing! The cream it'self goes on very smooth. It feels really good on my skin and seems to soak in it all night long. When I wake up I'm excited to feel how firm and smooth it had gotten over night. The price is great as well. It is certainly less expensive than the department store brands and I believe it works just as well, if  not better. I am a firm believer in the dove brand overall, but especially this product. I recommend it to anyone who needs better skin!

Chesapeake, VA


Wonderful softness for aging skin .


My skin is aging, but with the doeve line of sking care lotions, my skin The no longer feels dry. It is soft to the touch and it actually has more elasticity to it. Of course it doens't look like I'm 18, but I don't don't look as if my skin is made of leather, either!Dove anti aging lotion is one of the best products for my skin type that I have used. I would highly recommend it anyone , no matter what your age.

Hopkinsville, KY


I'm in my late thirties and Pro Age works wonders for me!


I'm in my late thirties **cringe** but in no way consider myself "old". I always thought of **Dove Pro Age** products as being for much more "mature" women. I wouldn't even consider buying it but happened to get a sample of **Dove Pro Age Rich Night Cream **in the mail. My face had been feeling dry and looking a little dull so I decided to try it. I actually really like what this cream does for my face! ***About Dove Pro Age Night Cream ***According to Dove's packaging, this rich night cream is for "dry skin that lacks elasticity. It is not intended to be a "quick fix" but is committed to making a real difference in your skin's condition. It contains 35% Emollients to deeply condition to fortify the skin, improving surface cell turnover and 12% Glycerin for deep moisturization to help restore elasticity." ***My Experience ***This night cream is white and of medium consistency. It is quite fragrant which would probably be its only downfall. Personally, I prefer something unscented due to my allergies. Regardless, it does go on my face very smooth and my skin immediately feels moisturized and soft. It doesn't make my skin look or feel greasy. Even though Dove says this is not a "quick fix", by the next morning, my face felt wonderfully soft and looked very healthy. After using if for a few nights straight, the skin on my face definitely improved and actually did seem to have more elasticity. ***My Final Viewpoint** ***Dove Pro Age Rich Night Cream **is most definitely a product that I intend to purchase again and again. I love the results that I got even after the first use. I recommend this night cream and I am going with a** *4 star rating***. I would have gone with 5 if the cream were unscented. ***Interested in reading reviews on some other great Dove products? Check out my reviews on *[*Dove Go Fresh, Body Wash*][1] *, *[*Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo*][2] * and *[*Dove Ultimate Clear Cool Essentials Anti-Perspirant Deodorant*][3] ** [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Dove-Go-Fresh-Body-Wash-Refresh-Waterlily-amp-Freshmint-review-38694 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Dove-Intense-Damage-Therapy-Shampoo-for-Accumulated-Damage-review-0e745 [3]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Dove-Ultimate-Clear-Cool-Essentials-Anti-Perspirant-Deodorant-review-d647

Somewhere in, NY


Dove Pro-Age Rich Night Cream

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