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Dove Pro-Age Antiperspirant/Deodorant - Moisturizing Formula

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the best thing about is is the color of the container


so the only thing i really like about this product is the color of the bottle! it doest smell bad, but it kinda smells very much like flowery  old lady, which maybe they were going for sense it is intended for mature skin. now the reason i bought this product, because i am not old or a women is that is was on sale for a quarter, so i figured hey why not. well i should have splurged on the addidas instead. so in application  it really slides on, but its almost sticky and kind of cakey and if you buy this dont count on wearing black. it really doesn't stick out among other deodorant, which is surprising because usually dove products are some of the best in their field. this product line is intended for mature skin and says it is very moisturizing, which may be the only thing it is good for. overall if you have a different choice for deodorant pick the other ones, this product is a dud, which is rare for the dove line of products.

Sandwich, IL


it leaves white on your clothes!!


I purchased the Dove Pro Age on the stipulation that it would NOT leave a white residue behind on my clothing.  WRONG!!!  It does leave white behind, AND so do the other Dove deodorants/anti-perspirants!!  They may go on clear, but the white sticks to your clothes!!

Gilbert, AZ


Dove Pro-Age Antiperspirant/Deodorant - Moisturizing Formula

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