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Conditioner for Dry Hair
Dove Moisture Replenishing Conditioner

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Makes hair look healthy and shiny in just a few washes


I have used a lot of different hair care products. I have really thick brown hair that tends to get oily within 24 hours of washing it. My hair than gets dried out but still leaves a oily texture because I have to wash it so much. I was using Pantene shampoo and conditioner but it was not doing the job it had been doing so I figured I would try Dove. I am so glad that I took a chance and tried it. The conditioner leaves my hair silky and sooth and looking fresh longer than Pantene. I also have a very sensitive scalp and was scared that it would cause me to itch and break out but thankfully it did not and just adds on to more reasons to buy it. My hair is usually about shoulder length but I have decided to let it grow out due to finally finding a conditioner that can keep up with the thickness of my hair. It also leaves my hair smelling very good longer than Dove's competition. I would recommend this to anyone out there having trouble with getting oily or even having dry hair.




Dove conditioner does replenish hair.


I received a free sample of the Dove Moisture Replenishing Conditioner from Unilever recently and liked it very much. So I purchased the regular bottle and have found that this product is consistently good. One thing that I appreciate about this Dove conditioner is that it is not sticky like many others I have used. Second, I find that it does put moisture back into my hair so that my hair is not so flyaway, especially on the dry and humid days that we get. I have also found that leaving this Dove conditioner in my hair for about 10 minutes makes my hair even more manageable for a longer period of time (days that is so that I do not have to use it with every single wash especially when I was more than once a day). I also have found that the Dove Moisture Replenishing Conditioner works well with any shampoo I have tried, not just the Dove shampoo Unilever makes. I would recommend this conditioner especially if you have thick hair.


Austin, TX


"Dove Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, is FABULOUS!"


***Where do I begin to tell you about THE best hair conditioner , I have ever used ?? First of all, a little goes a long way , it's not going break the bank and here's the best part  (drum roll , please ), you will see and feel results after one use !  I  dye my hair, use hot rollers, use a flat iron and of course a blow dryer. All of those items can wreck your hair , by drying it out , causing split ends , which is a big cause of frizz. After my first use of Dove Moisture Replensishing Conditioner , I was hooked. As my hair air dried, it wasn't turning into a frizzy ball of hair, my hair felt and looked silky. It was easier to manage when it was dried , and even when I used my flat iron , my hair looked shinier and sleeker than before using the conditioner. Here's an added bonus, after having my hair up in scrunchy, when I took my hair down, my hair did have an indentation, from where the scrunchy was ! ***




Dove replenishing conditioner is super


I love Dove Replenishing conditioner.  After my hair was colored, I noticed was dry and hard to manage.  After a few days of using this product, my hair was softer and more manageable.  As soon as my sample was gone I went a bought 2 tubes so I would always have a supply.


Minneapolis, KS


Dove Replenishing Conditioner is like heaven for your hair!


I was looking for a conditioning treatment for my long, thick hair that wouldn't be half-gone after just one use!  I had tried other conditioners, but felt that it required half the bottle before I could get my whole head coated.  Not so with this conditioner!  A little goes a long way, and it's great!  Upon applying it to my hair, I could immediately feel the difference in quality of this conditioner.  The formula is rich and thick, not thin and watery like some other conditioners are.  My hair definitely felt pampered!  After drying it and even flat-ironing it, it still felt as if I had walked out of a salon having had a professional conditioning treatment applied.  I'm a very busy person and can only do the treatment once a week, but its effects last well into the week!  I can only imagine its abilities would be amplified by putting a warm towel around your head as well.  So glad I tried this product! 


Franklin, TN


Dove Moisture Replenishing Conditioner

4.8 5