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Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Deodorant

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Works well but...broke me out


My husband this worked okay for and the smell was great. My teen? Egg he got little pimples around his pit area 2 days after using this. Stopped and they went away after a few days. So be careful if you have sensitive skin!

Vermilion, oh


Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Deodorant: Highly effective


After being introduced to Dove Cleansing Bars a few years ago by my sister-in-law who was involved with the advertising of this brand I've come to trust the Dove brand for producing high quality skin-care products. In the past I've kidded her bout not being able to take her recommendations seriously because as a successful advertising executive she has a tendency to drink the Kool-Aid served up by her clients. But, I have to admit when it comes to Dove products she's been spot on. So, when I was out of deodorant/anti-perspirant a few months back and came across Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Deodorant I decided to give it a try. Here in South Florida a deodorant isn't enough for me. I need an effective anti-perspirant. Dove claims this product to be effective for 48 hours. Further, they claim that their product is non-yellowing and because we tend to wear light colors here that's important. **My Viewpoint** While the 48 hour claim is reassuring, it's a rare individual in South Florida that doesn't hit the showers at least once a day. But, Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Deodorant does leave you with the feeling that should you stretch it, you'll be able to depend on it to keep working. **Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Deodorant** does go on smoothly and has a fresh scent that seems appropriate for a man. And, true to their word I haven't noticed any yellowing of my withe shirts as a result of using it. Whats not to like? Extra-long protection that keeps me dry, a scent that's fresh but not perfumey and no ruined garments. In my book it's a keeper. Earlier today I picked up another couple of sticks. I highly recommend Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Deodorant.

Boca Raton, FL


My Man Smells Fresh


This stuff is totally awesome. I love that my husband does not "stink" after using this product. Dove Men+ Extra Fresh is great. My husband can work all day, come in and not stink my house up. So, that is a great huge plus in my book. The man still needs to shower, but that is just basically because of the work he does. Not because he smells like BO. So, kudos to Dove Men +!!!

Portland, TN


keeps a guy clean and smelling fresh all day long


I got this Extra Fresh deodorant along with Dove's other scent Clean Comfort when it was on sale at CVS. They were literally free with a coupon. The hubster doesn't like change (as I mentioned in the Clean Comfort review) but he now seems to like Dove's Men+ line now. This deodorant smells really clean and light, unlike some heavy perfume oriented deodorants. It helps him stay clean and dry all day long and doesn't yellow his many white shirts. I've bought so many other deodorants for him that the alkaline in it is so great, that it creates yellowing of his shirts. It isn't him, it's actually the deodorants that do it. There seems to be very little alkaline in this line, for which the hubster is happy about. He likes the Dove Men+ line so much, he's asked me to try and obtain additional coupons for more of their products. Wow, what a change! He even says that this line is not as "girly" as he thought it originally was (he associated Dove with the white bar of soap that women use to wash their faces). Yay for Dove! They won over a stubborn customer!

Sherman Oaks, CA


Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Deodorant

4.5 4