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Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Bar Soap

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Finally A Real Man's Soap


My husband loves this brand. He is normally your Dial or Irish Spring kind of guy but was complaining about dry skin. So we found a scent he thought he could live with and we bought some. It was just like being a kid again as he started taking a bath over a shower just to extend the experience as he cleaned up. It's a bit on the pricey side but it is worth the price. The scent is not over powering to your senses and seems to enhance deodorant and lasts a long time. You have to at least try it. Effectiveness Works well, doesn't leave skin feeling dried out. Very good at controlling body odor through the day. Scent Very pleasant smell for the person using it and those around him. He's even had his 'guy' friends comment on how well he smells thinking it might have been laundry detergent. Very clean, crisp scent.

Hayward, CA


Buyer beware!


While taking a shower some lather got into my eyes. I never felt such pain in my life! It took 15 minutes of flooding my eyes with clear water to get them partially opened. I'll never use the product again!



The best soap!


I finally found a Dove product that lets me feel like a man! I am always getting chastized by a particular friend whenever he uses my bathroom and sees all the dove products I use. He tells me, man , why are you using girl stuff? Are you sure your straight? It was really getting on my nerves after awhile. So imagine my surprise when I was at the grocery store the other day and saw dove's new line of soap for men! Finally! Thank you Dove! Dove was the only brand of bar soap that I've used that didn't dry out my skin. Other brands leave me feeling like a dried up prune. Only dove has 1/4 moisturizing lotion in ever bar so that your skin will never feel dry after you shower. These bars last quite a long time too. A six pack can last me like three months. Seriously! and I shower a lot! This soap smells great and has little exfoliating beads in it so that it can clean your skin wonderfully. I absolutely recommend this brand to my fellow guys out there! Once you go Dove you won't go back!

Tallahassee, FL


Great smelling, great soap!


I have always loved Dove soap but always felt it smelled feminine, so you can imagine my surprise (and gratitude) when my wife brought home Dove for men! I love this product in the bar soap form as well as the body wash form. It truly nourishes your skin while cleaning it and smells great too! It does the job well and feels great to feel and smell clean before going to work or after coming in from working on the car or out in the yard. The bars almost have an exfoliating effect which is fine but not necessary in a man's world. The smell is very clean but not too overpowering and is great because it smells masculine. I usually prefer body washes because they are specially formulated for men and have a manly scent, so it is great that Dove has come out with bar soap as well that has that manly scent for all the men who love Dove soap! A great product that I enjoy using and would recommend to any guy looking for a quality soap.

Buford, GA


Great smell, great clean...that's all I need


I'm a bar soap kind of person, so I never really got into the body wash craze between ***Dove's*** new line for men, *Axe*, and *Old Spice*.  Plus, I'm happily married, so I've got no use for mobs of women being attracted to my soap.  So long as I like it and my wife likes it, I'm good. I like that ***Dove***, a respected brand of beauty and skin care has started catering to men a little more.  ***Dove's* Deep Clean** scented bar soap has what they call "purifying grains" made into the bar.  Those "grains" act like microbeads, gently abraising the skin while the soap cleanses and makes me smell good. As a man, I'm more functional, even with my health and skin care products.  I don't want to have to use two different soaps to take a shower: one for my face and one for the rest of me.  So I have a total appreciate for ***Dove's* Men+Care Deep Clean **as a body and face bar.  I can cleanse myself with just one item.  It does the job, cuts down on my shower clutter, and leaves plenty of room for the 8 bottles of shampoo and even more bottles of conditioner that my wife and daughters use.

Dayton, OH


The secret is out - Dove soap just for men


How many guys will admit to using Dove soap?  Apparently quite a few since they now have a bar soap specifically for men **called Dove Men + Care Deep Clean Bar Soap**.  I recently tried this soap and for the most part think it's a winner.  **Dove bar soap** for men has a similar shape to the usual Dove bar of soap. However, it's a bit thicker and the ends are truncated off.  It's also a tan color - not the pure white or (heaven forbid) the Dove pink color. It also has 25% moisturizing cream.  What is real noticeable is the scent. It's a bit too strong for me but maybe most guys like that?  It's a 'Fresh' scent which they call 'Classic scent'.  I don't mind it but wish it were not so strong.  Dove Men + Care bar soap promises to be deep cleaning. While I was not too grungy when I used it so far, it does make me feel clean. Also, it's not too harsh either. I think it left my skin just a little drier than regular Dove soap does though, but not much.  If you are a guy and want a good quality soap that is not too rugged on your skin, check out **Dove Men + Care Deep Clean bar soap**.  I think it works quite well and most guys won't be freaked out over using a soap that is often assumed to be for ladies only.

Denver, CO


Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Bar Soap

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