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Dove Men+ Care Clean Comfort Deodorant

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Love the smell


I bought this for my husband and he loves it. The protection is great and is long lasting. We both love the scent, it smells manly but not in a overpowering way. He smells fresh and like he used body spray. Now that our son is a teenager we have also been purchasing for him.

Las Vegas


Only deodorant I use


I am a high school basketball player, and I use this deodorant all of the time. I put it on before the games and practices. After 2 hours of playing, it still works.



good stuff


This is the only deodorant my husband will use. He's very sensitive to scents, but this doesn't bother his finicky allergies. It's inexpensive, I think it smells good (I like perfumes and body sprays), and it does not leave discolored marks on his clothes



Dove Men+ Care Clean Comfort Deodorant has a great smell to it.


Whenever I get a product, whether it is for a man or woman, I still have to try it. So I received a cute sample size of Dove Men+ Care Clean Comfort Deodorant in the mail. The size is .42 ounce (12 g.). It is a mini size one, that you pull the cap off to use, but doesn't have a wheel, so you can't use it all. It is a white solid deodorant, and has a fresh manly smell to it. I had no problem trying it on a day, when I wasn't going out in the morning. It went on easily, and I did enjoy the fragrance. I worked around the house, and caught the smell from time to time. By the evening, when I was heading out, I couldn't smell it anymore. I went dancing and I stayed dry, and feeling fresh. Reluctantly I passed it over to Len, but still enjoyed the smell when he puts it on.

New Port Richey, FL


Dove Men+ Care Clean Comfort Deodorant

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