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Dove Go Fresh, Body Wash, Refresh Waterlily & Freshmint

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Dove Refresh Still the Best I've found - Y Discontinued?


I Love DOVE ... But... they have discontinued my favorite fragrance; Refresh ~ Threre is no other fragrance I will use in the Dove line, so unfortunately this not only stops me as a long term and faithful client, but has detoured me to direct competitors. I would go back to Dove in a FLASH! if they returned the Refresh line. But until then, I'll be a Caress Girl.


Nashville, TN


Smells good at first...


I have tried many Dove products and have been using the soap for as long as I could remember. I had the opportunity to try this product at a friend's house and must admit was impressed with how great it smelled! I am used to a great lather and a good moisturizing aftereffect which of course the body wash did do. The only thing I don't like about this and other body washes is the need for a loofah or wash cloth, which sometimes you don't always have! After trying this scent, I tried others, and while it isn't my favourite scent, I can see why it is for others, maybe for those who like floral notes as opposed to fruity ones. And of course the scent isn't too strong - it is subtle yet strong enough that you don't have to worry about stinking!  In terms of it's cleaning ability - it does as well as any other body wash and on top of that it moisturizes so well that I don't even use lotion after it!  


Federal Way, WA


More than a little refreshing


While Dove is a little more expensive than other brands of body wash/ hair care, they are definately worth it. I use the waterlily & freshmint and I love it. It is one of the best smelling body washes i have come across, not to mention it has a wondeful cooling/tingling feeling, breezy that leaves you feeling clean.


Springfield, IL


Too bad it doesn't work like the commercial


Love the commercial, dislike the product.  I think the commercial may have hyped up the product for me, and I ended up totally disappointed.  The scene was good in the shower, but doesn't last long though and quickly rinse away.  I found the little scrubbing beads in the shower gel are annoying and tiresome to use.  I've used other brands of shower gel with exfoliating beads in them, and I liked those (especially sugar scrubs).  So I'm not bothered by the concept or a first time user of exfoliating beads; I actually like exfoliating beads.  The exfoliating beads in Dove go fresh felt rubbery and weird.  I didn't feel as clean as my other soap, and my skin did not feel as hydrated as my other soap.  I had my roomate tried it too, and she didn't like it either.  We both agreed that it's hyped up and a waste of money.  I ended up tossing away over half of Dove go fresh soap since I wanted to go back to my old soap.  


Corvallis, OR


Dove Go Fresh, Body Wash, Refresh Waterlily & Freshmint

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