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Dove Go Fresh Body Mist

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Dove Go Fresh Body Mist is Awesome


Finally, something I can spray on my body that isn't too perfumey and clash with my deodorant. These have a nice light scent to them that aren't overpowering, nice and suttle. My tween daughter and I are in love with these. We recieved our first bottle as a sample and with the coupons that came with the same we went out and bought more right away so that we wouldn't have to share with each other. It doesn't happen too often where we both want the same thing all the time. I like that you can get these in scents to match their Dove Go Fresh Anti-persperant Deodorants, they work so well together. Good news is that if you search you are able to find coupons on the internet to reduce your cost of purchasing this product allowing you to perhaps try some of the other scents that Dove has available.

Peshtigo, WI


Love this. Light and refreshing scent!


I bought this spray after I had an excellent first experience with dove deodorant. The spray was relatively inexpensive so I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. It fits perfectly in my gym bag and when I'm crunched on time, it makes smelling fresh fast and easy. While the size is small, the bottle lasts a long time making it a high value product. The scent is not overpowering but it does last a very long time. I spray it on once in the morning and then it lasts all day. It seems to have a slightly more lemongrass scent than grapefruit. It has a subtle citrus undertone, but it's not too strong. I have received compliments on this scent before and I would definitely recommend it to others. I like this product especially because I work in health care and I cannot have anything that would be overpowering for scent-sensitive clients. I have never had problems wearing this body spray and think it works for anyone.

Minneapolis, MN


Dove Go Fresh Body Mist is great for on the go!


I bought a bottle of Dove Go Fresh Body MIst for the first time a little over a year ago. I was hesitant to use it at first because body sprays are usually too overpowering in my opinion, but this one wasn't bad. I bought the "Refresh" scent, which is the one that comes in the blue bottle. I believe it has a hint of water lily and some type of mint, and boy does it smell wonderful. I sometimes use it in place of perfume, and the scent lasts quite a while without making me smell like I just took a bath in it or as if I'm trying to cover up a different smell. "Go Fresh" is a very suitable name for this product, because it does have a very fresh and natural appeal to it. This particular scent is ideal for the spring and summer months. It comes in a small bottle that is perfect size for a purse, backpack, or glove box... great for traveling, too! I love the fact that it also has a matching scented deodorant, so I can always smell "refreshing!"

Youngstown, OH


Don't go without it!


A couple years ago my mom received a sample bottle of grapefruit and lemongrass scented Dove Go-Fresh body mist. Oh my goodness! One whiff, and my sisters and I were hooked. She gave us the bottle, and it went pretty fast (two of us used it all the time). it's been our favorite fragrance line ever since. I've stuck with grapefruit and lemongrass, but my sisters have experimented with the other scents and loved them as well. I went Christmas shopping with my mom this year, and she bought several bottles as gifts. I'm pretty sure one is for me! My favorite thing about this product is the scent. It always smells incredible but not overpowering. I used to carry one in my bag at college. Throughout the day and freshen up with by Dove spray. It worked great! It's long lasting without being intense. With a couple refresh sprays, it keeps you smelling great all day long!  It advertises a hint of moisturizer, but this isn't greesy. It never caused stains or spotting on clothing. 

Hollister, MO


Dove Go Fresh Body Mist is lightly refreshing.


I received a coupon for a free body mist when you purchase a dove go fresh deodorant so decided it was a great opportunity to try doves new body mist.  I purchased the cucumber and it is now one of my favoites.  It is light and refreshing and is not over powering light some sprays can be.  This is a great every day scent.   I do not use it as a body mist per say since I do not like spraying anything all over me as it can be over powering.  But use it where I would spray perfume, pulse points.  That seems to be the perfect amount to smell good with out knocking me or someone else out!  I am not a fan of wearing a matching scented lotion with a scented perfume or mist as I find it to be over powering and I was afraid of that with the matching deordant and mist but that concern has totally vanished.  It is such a light and pleasant smell that they work perfectly together.  I also love the fact that the smaller size of this mist allows me to toss it in my purse or car.  I would definitely recommend the mis, as well as the deodarant.

Crystal Lake, IL


I like using Dove Go Fresh Body Mist.


I had a coupon for a free Dove Go Fresh Body Mist when I purchased a deodorant so it was a great time to try it out.  I purchased the "energizing grapefruit and lemongrass scent."  I have used it several times and received a couple compliments on the fragrance which is light and not too sweet smelling.  It lasts all day long with just a couple sprays.  The product claims to have "a hint of Dove moisturizer" which I never have noticed because I don't spray a lot onto my body.  I like the smell of the product but I'm not sure I would purchase it again.  I haven't smelled any of the other scents but maybe there is one that is a little lighter and sweeter smelling.  I enjoy grapefruit fragrances but this seems to be more lemongrass than grapefruit.  If you are looking for a body spray that is cost effective, I recommend this product.  Dove is a great brand and I enjoy all of their other products.

Bountiful, UT


Refreshing scent that lasts all day long


I decided to try these because I had some great Dove coupons and I got them for a great price.  My favorite is definitely the Pomegrante,  I love the fresh scent.  I always spray it on my body in the morning, and I can even still smell it after a long day.  I mowed the lawn the other day, and through all the sweat I still got a sniff of the wonderful spray!  It's like deodrant for your body.  I have also tried the cucumber and the nectarine, and I love all of the scents.  What I love about sprays is that they last FOREVER.  You only have to use a few sprays each day and it goes a long way.  It instantly freshens you up when you spray yourself with it.  I always feel ready for my day after I spritz myself with this.  I love that they give you many options of scents, there is a scent for everyone.  And these are so worth the money, they last all day and they leave you feeling fresh and smelling like a rose.  

Cincinnati, OH


Dove Go Fresh Body Mist

4.6 7