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Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Hand Wash

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Moisturizing Hand Wash That I Actually LIKED


I am not a fan of chemical products to use on the body and try to avoid them whenever possible. My mom loves all things Dove, however, so whenever I find myself staying at her house, I know that I will be using Dove products unless I bring my own. One of the products she had on her bathroom sink was Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Hand Wash. Effectiveness I have very few hand washes that I can use that don't leave me with terribly dry and irritated hands over time. This hand soap was a bit different. I have to say that I experienced very moisturized hands that did not feel dried out after a few days of usage. My hands felt clean, but they didn't feel stripped or irritated. I have to say that out of all of the tons of hand washes and hand soaps I have used, this is one of the few that I actually didn't mind too much. Scent The scent is very light and almost unnoticeable, which I liked. It was not overpowering, and didn't cause and problems at all.


Podunk, NY


Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Hand Wash puts moisture back


Dove Nourishing Hand Wash Deep Moisture is a great product. It comes in a small white pump style bottle. Because of it's size, I love the fact that I can put in on the vanity, and it doesn't look out of place. It is a thick, creamy hand wash, and has a delicate fragrance. I always wash my hands in hot water, and then apply the hand wash, making sure that it gets to every part of my hands. I then keep the lather on for 30 seconds before rinsing them. My hands are very clean after using Dove Nourishing Hand Wash, and because it has moisture, in the hand wash, I know that it is putting back, rather than taking out moisture, from my hands. This is great for me as I wash my hands all day long. Often, when I am away from home, and use hotel soap, my hands get really dry. Just purchase a refill, and this little gem will go on forever. This is a product that I recommend for daily use. Effectiveness My hands stay hydrated even after hand washing. Scent Light fragrance that doesn't overpower you.


New Port Richey, FL


Great product nice scent


Dove's Nourishing Hand Wash Deep Moisture  is a very nice hand washing product it really smells nice and keeps hands soft its especially good when you do a lot of hand washing as I do . its very creamy and strong and good for everyday .I keep a bottle in each bathroom and at the kitchen sink people who have used it in my home liked it as well . it does clean well but I would not recommend it to people working on cars or other greasy jobs.


Palm Coast, FL


good moisture


I kinda of like the Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Hand Wash but it wasn't very fragrant, but was thick and felt very moist and full and thick.  The price was ok and could be found at only some stores.  It made my hands feel soft but still wasn't impressed with the scent.  There wasn't any.  I love the Dove products (hair shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and bar soap) but I just wasn't that happy with this hand soap and was not impressed with it.  I would recommend Dove brand, but not particularly this product.  The look of the plastic bottle was very nice and classy looking.  Very smooth and soft look and matches any bathroom style.  About the same size as other hand soap dispensers.  You could try it for yourself and see if you like it.  I like it but was not too happy with it.  I'm sure it's good for your hands and it feels like it is nice and soft for the hands and probably cleans well.  There wasn't much lather.  It felt more like a lotion.  Thank you


Fair Oaks, CA


Lovely feel & smell


Just got this as part of a 3 pack of Dove products.  Body wash, hand cleaner & shampoo. So I replaced the hotel soaps we have in the soap dish with the lovely container of Dove. You push down to get an amount in your hand & what I notice is as I am getting a dab of water to work a lather, the product is oozing out of my hands & all over the sink. Not too pleased with this product.  My husband loves the clean smell.


Cleveland, OH


Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Hand Wash

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