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Dove Damage Therapy Color Repair Conditioner

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Dove Damage Repair for color treated hair is great!


I have long, color treated hair and Dove Damage Therapy Color Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is the best for me!Due to frequent coloring, my hair is dry and damaged. I have tried many other shampoos and conditioners, from the low cost ones to the salon quality more expensive brands and I always return to DOVE! Dove treats damage from the roots to the tips, nourishing each strand of hair from the inside out. Most conditioners just treat the outside of the hair, masking the damage! Dove Color Repair Therapy does a superb job of moisturizing hair that is dry or damaged due to hair coloring and its moisturizers will not weigh hair down! Using Dove color repair helps my color to last longer so no need for frequent coloring, therefore preventing further damage. My hair is soft, beautiful and very manageable! Dove also has a great scent that I look forward to using on a daily basis! Dove is the best!


Salisbury, MA


I like to smell like one thing; Dove.


When I can afford it, which is not always, I use Dove products. I prefer to smell like one thing when I step out of the shower. Great tea shampoo, Apple conditioner, Sexy Axe bodywash, all end up stinking like a high school reunion after a while. Dove smells like, well, Dove. From head to toe. And I like that a lot. the shampoo is good, and the conditioner is good. True, I bleach my hair, so sometimes I have to use other products, and the Dove tends towards middle-to-pricey for me, so sometimes I use Equate or some such. But in my perfect world? Dove.


Smyrna, GA


DOVE conditioner is great.


This conditioner is great. I got my hair colored like about 3 weeks ago and they color is still vibrant. I have dark black hair and got some brown hightlight. The conditioner smells great and is also great for people with slightly frizzy and puffy hair like me and it doesn't seem to weigh down or leave a gross feeling in my hair and is inexpensive compared to all the other namebrand. It also leaves my hair nice and shiny, silky, and very manageable. I have to say I mistreat my hair with the coloring and blow drying and this is what the doctor ordered for my damaged hair. I was at first a little reluctant to buy this cause I'm so used to Dove being a product I use strictly for my skin (such as their bodywash and lotion) but now I know they are great at making conditioner and shampoos also. I love their Campaign for Real Beauty, great organization towards promoting selfesteem and strength in women and for women, also pair this conditioner with the/a Dove shampoo and you're in a win-win situation. On the Dove site it describes this product: "Dove Damage Therapy Color Repair Conditioner with patented Micro Moisture serum and fiber actives internally repairs hair and helps prevent color fade."




Leaves my hair very greasy


I like Dove.  They make great soap that has been around for ages.  But, for some reason, I just can't seem to get into their hair styling products.  I have tried all of their shampoos and conditioners, but everytime I try a conditioner all it does is make my hair completely oily and stringy looking.  I admit that I have very fine hair, but it is dry, so I thought that this formula would do well for reviving my dry ends.  Nope!  I only ended up using half the bottle because each time I used it, my hair was dirty by the morning (I wash my hair at night).  I tried many different shampoo combinations with it, thinking that maybe if I used a normal formula rather than one for dry hair, or another brand of shampoo rather than Dove, it would make a difference, but it never did.  I am sure that it is great for some people, but I don't think that Dove is made for people with hair like me - that is, long, straight, and fine.  But keep up the good work on those awesome body washes, Dove! ;-)


Marina, CA


Dove Damage Therapy Color Repair Conditioner

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