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Dove Daily Moisture Replenishing Mist

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Dove Moisture Replenishing Mist helps me survive the winter!


I love Dove Daily Moisture Replenishing Mist because it helps me manage my dry hair in winter. Using a blow dryer, low humidity, forced air heat, and cold all combine to suck the moisture out of my fine hair. After I blow dry my hair, I bend over and spray a light mist on all the ends of my hair, plus my bangs, before using my straightening iron. It really helps with the fly-aways and with dry ends. In really cold, dry weather I use a rinse out conditioner after shampooing and then still use Dove Daily Moisture Replenishing Mist after blow drying and before finishing with a light coat of hair spray. I only shampoo every two to three days in winter, and on the in between days, I love to spray a light coat of Dove Daily Moisture Replenishing Mist all over my hair. I run my fingers through it, spray with hair spray, and presto! I am ready to face the day. And my hair feels soft and silky, too!


Aurora, IN


I love this Dove line!


I am one of those women that has to do the layering thing with her scent from the start of the shower to the finish with dressing and reapplication later on in the day so this particular product line if right up my alley.  Dove has created a wonderful in with the Cool Moisture shower wash, soap bars, lotion and mist.  The smell is wonderful, soothing and calming especially when using the shower wash in the shower!  The intensity of the smell is perfect! I follow up with the lotion and finally with the mist.  I love this mist because it continues the scent that I love but in a format that is light and pleasant.  I work in healthcare so any product that I wear cannot be offensive to another party.  With that in mind, it's nice to know that Dove has created this scent for those of us that must be a little more subtle with perfumes and lotions.  Even my husband finds this mist welcoming with a little squirt on his pillow at bedtime.   Sandy


Whitewright, TX


Dove daily Moisture Replenishing Mist is a find.


I use Dove Daily Moisture Replenishing Mist on my whole family . I use it on my thick curly hair. I also use it on my childrens hair. I don't know what is is about little girls hair and tangles but they go hand in hand. I use this on my girls freshly washed hair . My girls used to run when I wanted to comb thier hair. I don't have that problem any more. You just spray it on and the tangles are gone. One great thing about this spray is that it also keeps the tangles away. I have used a few different detanglers and they work but when the hair dry's the tangles return. You will not have tangles returning to soon with Dove Daily Moisture Replenishing Mist. I love this product because it saves me alot of time in the after bath routine I go threw with my children every night.This spray is enexpensive and can be found at most discount stores. i don't have to go out of my way or to a fancy hair salon to get it.


Peebles, OH


BEST hair detangler ever! And it's available everywhere :D


I am a huge fan of dove anyways but this is such a great product, It comes in a white spray bottle  with blue top and dove writing. It is what to use after wash and conditioning. It makes it so easy to comb through your hair! I would know to, I have very very long and THICK hair! Without this product it would take me up to 20 ish minutes to comb hair out,, i would get upset and was ready to cut my hair that i love so much! sad,,right? Well, thanks to this product my hair is long and as long as this product is around It will stay that way. I am so loving this product! It is avialable at all places pretty much, its affordable , easy to use , helps out a lot. I have a friend who is african american and she was staying over and she asked to use the prodcut to use on her hair and her daughters hair, to comb her hair out, Now SHE uses it all the time and loves it! Its a must try product..I believe and seen work on different hair textures and types!


Orlando, FL


Dove Daily Moisture Replenishing Mist

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