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Body Wash
Dove Cream Oil Cherry Blossom & Almond Body Wash

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Anything with cherry blossom in it I have to try!


I love the smell of cherry blossoms so anything that has it in the product i have to try. This body wash smells great, absorbs quickly, lasting scent and you can use it everyday for a nice clean feeling. I absolutely love it!



Dove body wash


I love love love Dove blossom cherry. My skin smooth & smells good after use. Its my favorite body was so far. I wished they make a few other scented ones besides the ones they have already!


Houston, Tx


WOW...........the greatest body wash ever!


I love the New Dove Cream Oil Body Wash, I bought the Cherry Blossom and Almond Scent with Nutrium Moisture. It felt so good I really hated to rinse it off, just enough scent, not overwhelming. Definitely another great product from Dove. Everyone should give this body wash a try!


Arnold, MO


Horrible Horrible.. It demolished my skin


I have NEVER had acne problems on my face or body EVER. I've always had fair to dry skin. Always kept it moisturized. I thought this body wash would be perfect for me since it's so moisturizing. Well what I found after using it a couple times is that it OVERmoisturizes your skin. I have dry skin.. and it OVER moisturized mine. After only about a week and a half, it actually began it seriously irritate my skin. I have never had even the little skin cell plugs that some people get that feel like bumps on your back that are tiny little white things that get into your hair follicle. I've never had anything even slightly like a pimple or breakout. And as I used this, I hate to stop, because after a week and a half to two weeks I started to suffer severe irritation and breakouts. It appeared on my chest, upper arms and heavily on my upper back.To this day I still have acne scars on my back where it just caused a cascade of acne problems and it's been about a year and a half and the skin on my upper back is still not normal. I'm embarrassed to even bare my back now. It's very devastating. I've been treating it with salacylic acid ever since, just trying my best to heal it up but I still get break outs. It's a nightmare. My face.. nothing. I never get pimples anywhere. I've never ever had a problem with any body washes, soaps or lotions. I always knew my skin was sensitive but not THIS sensitive. There is something abrasive and agitating in this body wash and I can't figure it out, but it's destroyed the skin on my back. It'll heal, then a new pimple will come out of no where. I try scrubbing, cleansing, and toning with salacylic acid then moisturizing. Been doing it a year, and it's hardly gotten better. My back used to be so beautiful then this monster of a product destroyed it. At one point I actually thought about filing a suit against them.. but I figured that "oh my back skin broke out from that product" wasn't a very good case. It may have been, but I don't have the money to do legal trial and error.   Please, don't use this product if your skin is easily agitated. It's a ticking time bomb. It's only for those with very tolerating skin, not for sensitive skin. It doesn't even smell that great either. I just use St. Ive's only now. I should have just stuck with that, but I had to get adventurous. And now I'm paying for it...  


Mckinney, TX


Little pricey, but worth it!


This is an awesome product!!! People on a budget might not realize that they can get a deal on this and many more Dove products, but Dove always sends out coupons if you sign up on their webiste and they can be found in the Sunday paper. Since it is a rather large bottle; with a store discount and a coupon it is a great value for the money. it leaves your skin very very soft and silky.I combine the use of this product with their oil lotion and would recommend daily use to everyone. I can still feel this on my skin up to a couple hours after my shower and not in a bad way. The oil in this product really helps with dry skin issues on my kneees and elbows.  I would recommend the Cherry Blossom and Almond scent, my husband even uses it when he is in my bathroom. This scent is very light and really doesn' t last very long, but I don't find that to be a problem.  I have not found this product drying or any bad side effects.


Overland Park, KS


this stuff is great


I was hesitant to try this at first because it was not a high end brand.  However, after seeing constant commercials and running low on money as a college student, i decided to try it.  i have absolutely no regrets.  Unlike my bars of soap, dove left my skin both clean and hydrated.  I was never ashy or dry and did not even need to use a lotion after my shower! it was like magic.  Most importantly, it smells wonderful.  I would like the scent a little stronger so that it lingers after my shower, but that is just what I prefer.   Also, the shape of teh bottle helps it from tumbling over in the shower.  You get a lot for your money, which is a top priority of mine.  Caress has the most commercials of any drug store prodcut i have ever seen and somehow one of the more memorable ones.  This highly affected my choice to try dove soap.  ALl i have to say is that once I went caress, I'll never go back


York, SC


Dove Cream Oil Cherry Blossom & Almond Body Wash

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