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Dove - CocoaVia Chocolate Snack Bar

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Oh My, buy this chocolate - you'll never eat a Hershey bar again


The best chocolate out there, bar none (pun intended).  The Dove chocolate pieces are so smooth they just melt on your tounge.  They leave that thick chocolate flavor in your mouth just long enough to make you long for another one.  And then another one, and then another one. They are a little on the expensive side considering how few are in a bag.  The single chocolate bar is a great alternative and matches the price of other candy bars, but only certain stores in our area have the milk chocolate ones, but all seem to carry the dark chocolate, but the milk chocolate is my favorite. When you open up the wrappers of the individual pieces there are always sayings on the inside of the wrapper.   I love this, it always reminds me of finding the cartoons in the bubblegum I got as a child.  Buy this chocolate and you'll never buy a Hersey bar again.  It's the next best thing to not living in Switzerland and getting that chocolate. 

Pearl, MS


great way to eat healthy


What a great way to enjoy chocolate and stay healthy at the same time.  I wasn't a big fan of dark cholcate until I tried Cocoa Via on day.  I had a coupon for a box of it and decided to try it since I had read how good dark chcolate is for you.  I couldn't believe how good it tasted the first time I tried it.  Now I am hooked on dark chocolate and can hard stand to taste milk chocolate, which had been my favorite for years.  The nicest part of enjoying this chocolate is the fact that it is good for you. I only eat part of a bar a day to satisfiy my sweet tooth but that small amount really is enough. The rich taste really gives me a what a need in the way of satisfying my hunger for something sweet.

Norman, OK


Healthy Chocolate Snack


These snack bars are perfect for anyone who loves chocolate but is still trying to eat healthy.  This is the perfect indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not add a lot of calories.  Each bar is a mixture of crispy rice, oats and soy drizzled with creamy chocolate.  These bars are high in flavor with the healthy benefits of soy and flavenols as well as added vitamins.  These bars are just 100 calories and 6 grams of fat and are heart healthy to lower your cholesterol.  These bars are the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet craving and are good for you.  The texture is crispy and crunchy and high in chocolate flavor.

Las Vegas, NV


Chocolate that's good for you? I'm there!


I'm a chocolate lover. Seriously. If it's got chocolate, especially dark chocolate, all bets are off.  I'm at the age where it's really time to start paying more attention to how I eat, though, and chocolate, unfortunately, is not exactly health food. Or so I thought until I found Dove's Cocoavia line of snacks, with the heart healthy tick on the label. I'm not in the mood to go into a whole diatribe on plant extracts and their positive effects on heart health, so here's the Reader's Digest condensed version: some genius at Dove figured out that a whole lot of us love chocolate, and that a whole lot of us are also concerned about heart health and cholesterol levels. That same genius thought to herself, "What if we made a chocolate snack that was loaded up with the same plant sterols that provide so many health benefits?" The answer? ***Make it and the chocolate lovers will come!***  The result? A line of delicious chocolate snacks that may actually help you lower your cholesterol levels and promote cardiac health. Sheer genius. Now, I'm not dumb enough to believe that a fortified chocolate bar is any sibstitute for eating vegetables and grains and participating in physical activity. But I do know this: I *will* eat chocolate. I'll eat it if it's bad for me. I'll eat it if it's good for me. If I'm going to eat it, anyhow, it's just as well someone has come up with a chocolate product that actually does me some good. There's a whole line of these snacks, but I've only tasted the chocolate snack bars, which are a lot like really chunky Nestle's Crunch bars - except better. The chocolate is richer and the texture is a lot nicer. Instead of rice crispies, they contain soy crispies, which have all sorts of healthful qualities (and which taste and feel exactly like rice crispies.) Each bar has only 80 calories, which is really good for a chocolate snack. (Hershey Bars have 300 calories, Nestle's Crunch comes in at 230!) High in calcium and vitamin E and loaded with plant sterols. I dare you to try these and not declare them the greatest thing since sliced bread.

San Francisco, CA


Dove - CocoaVia Chocolate Snack Bar

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