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Dove Beauty Cream Wash Liquid Hand Soap

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Great Lotion Great Price


I love Dove skin care lotion. It is reasonably priced and does the trick. I have tried many high priced specialty lotions and none of them do any better then Dove Hand and or body lotion. I like the consistency of it. Not to thick , not to thin. It is easy to rub into your skin and make it very smooth.Does not leave you with a greasy or oily feeling. For those that do not have a lot of money for expensive creams. I would recommened this one. Even if you do have the money I do not think the others are any better then Dove. I like the pump action bottle. It makes it a lot easier to get just the right amount you want. Whether it is your hands, arms legs or feet this is a good all purpose lotion. Gentle enough even for children. Effectiveness I have very dry skin especially in the Winter. Dove helps make my skin feel good and not look dry and flaky. It is easy to use. I use it two or three times a day in the winter to keep my skin smooth. Scent I like the scent. It is fresh and clean. Not to strong a scent just right.




Very nice, moisturising hand soap


Dove Beauty Cream Wash is a very nice hand soap. I keep a bottle by the sink in the bathroom. I have very dry skin and regular soap tends to cause me problems. My husband also suffers from dry skin. He likes to use Dove bar soap in the shower (I prefer shower gel). I can't be bothered with bar soap by the sink, so I decided to give the liquid version a try. I have been very pleased. It helps keep my hands somewhat moisturized (I still need to use lotion regularly, but it helps and doesn't seem to make my skin worse). The Dove Beauty Cream Wash has the same fresh scent as the Dove original bar soap, which makes it perfect for the whole family, including the boys. It comes in a nice sized (250ml) bottle that is neither too big nor runs out too quickly. The bottle looks nice (white with a blue top, standard Dove simplicity on the label). I am debating using it in the kitchen, but I normally use antibacterial soap because I handle raw meat... Scent Very mild and suitable for men, women and children


San Antonio, TX


Dove Beauty Cream Wash Liquid Hand Soap

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