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Volumizing Conditioner
Dove Advanced Care Pro Age Conditioner

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Tried it once, but it smells GREAT!


I literally have only tried this "Dove advanced care pro age conditioner" one time and only have good things to say about it. I spent the night at my mothers house and she had this conditioner in her bathroom. I decided to give it a try because I LOVED the way it smelled. I was highly impressed with the texture of this conditioner, it was very rich, creamy and smooth. You do not need a huge glob of this to get it to lather up nicely, I used about a quarter sized dab and it was plenty. The bottle has a bit of an awkward shape to it, it kind of slipped out of my hands a few times but its bearable. My hair was so smooth and soft after washing it, I could easily run a comb through it. My hair was so soft and shiny all day long, not to mention it smelled great. Effectiveness This conditioner seems to work effectively, I am only in my 20's but the way it my hair feel was incredible. ONE use and my hair was as soft as my two year old daughters. Now I see why my mother loves this stuff so much! Scent Great smell! Lingers in your hair for a long time!




Deep Conditioning on a dime


After figuring out how to effectively coupon a few years ago, I learned one thing very quickly. If you are really going to save money, you're going to have to learn to try new products and not insist on specific brands. Be open to new products. I care about my looks and hair, but by the way I take care of it, you wouldnt necessarily think so. It's shoulder length, an average brown color. I color at home- again, buying whatever I have a coupon for that is on sale. I don't need to have it a certain color or brand, any medium brown will do just fine. I only get my hair trimmed a couple of times a year. I dry my hair every day and either use hot rollers or a flat iron. I sometimes use a spray on heat shield before styling, sometimes I don't. Im obviously not a hair dressers dream client (unless she likes to "fix" things) All that said, there was a big sale at the drug stores on Dove hair products. I bought quite a few bottles, being frugal, but never having used them before. I was pleasantly surprised. I chose the Advanced Pro Age Conditioner because it sounded like it would be a deep conditioner and help with all the damage that Ive subjected my poor hair to. I really liked the smell. The conditioner was very thick and coated my hair very nicely. I worked it through for a couple of minutes and rinsed. When I combed it out before drying, there were not tangles. It left my hair very soft and managable. It seemed to be a deep conditioner, without weighing it down.  I also use this shampoo on my 8 yr old, with hair down to her waist. It generally tangles very easily, but if we use this conditioner, we dont have that issue at all and it makes her hair unbelievably soft and shiny. It's easy to find, it's a good deal and there are generally coupons available and it works great. How could you go wrong?    


Smyrna, TN


love dove advanced care pro age conditioner


i love this hair conditioner. my mom has a salon and she started to recomend this to her costumers because it leaver hair soft, easy to detangle and smells really good. the price is really good. you can find coupons in the internet or newspaper easy. this is great for almost every tipe of hair.


Danbury, CT


Dove advanced Care Pro Age Conditioner for over 50 is excellent


Dove Advanced Care Pro Age Conditioner is the best conditioner you can use if you are over 50.  It leaves your hair feeling like you were in your 20's again., feeling soft and very very shinny.  Wouldnt use anything else but Dove.


Janesville, WI


Use Dove Pro Age because beautiful hair has no age limit.


Being just over that 30 year old mark, I want to start taking care of my body, from head to toe.  My head and hair of course is on the top of that list!  I have started using Dove's Advanced Care Pro Age Conditioner recently and love it.  I understand the importance of conditioning after every wash and like the fact that my hair does not get oily with frequent use. I am also able to blow dry and go... I don't have to use any additional styling products and I have lots of fullness after using this conditioner.  I don't have lots of time in the mornings for myself while also getting kids ready for school and I appreciate the quick easy dry and go lift this conditioner gives my hair. I do use some coloring in my hair and I love the fact that this product is free from sulfates.  My color seems to stay much longer when I use this gentle conditioner. I have lots of very fine hair and this conditioner makes it very thick and full feeling without using any additional styling products.   I have raved about this product to my Aunt and Grandmother and they have both tried it and now switched to using it.  I highly recommend Dove's Advanced Care Pro Age Conditioner to anyone wanting to really take care of their hair.  


West Columbia, SC


Dove Conditioners are great along with their Shampoo love this!


I love the Dove lines. Along with the shampoo this conditioner makes it easier for me to comb my hair while it is wet. Helps prevent breakage, which in turn, helps with my frizzy/thin hair problem. Love it !


Perry, NY


Dove Advanced Care Pro Age Conditioner

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