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Doughmakers Bakeware

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I will never own baking pans other than Doughmakers


I bought a small Doughmakers cookie sheet, used it once, and became a loyal Doughmakers user.  Over time I have eventually replaced every cookie sheet, biscuit sheet, jelly roll pan, muffin pan, bread pan, pizza pan, cake pans - round and 9 x 13, pie plate and even my cheesecake/springform pan with Doughmakers.  Many of the pans even have lids that go with them making it easy to transport the item you have created to your event.  It cannot be any easier!  The aluminum pans bake everything so evenly - I have not scorched a cookie in years and my cakes bake level - no hump in the middle.  The pans have great handles for easy in and out.  However, I did discover not to let them set very long in the dishwater or it does cause a discoloration and I do not put them in the dishwasher as I find it sometimes causes them to lose their shiny, clean looking appearance.  All pans have a unique pebble type pattern on their surface.

Cory, IN


Want to be the perfect baker?


I noticed a friend's baking sheets one year at our annual cookie bake and asked her about them.  She told me it was the best baking pans she had ever had.  I bought one to test it out and was immediately sold.  I have replaced each and every baking pan I own with Doughmakers brand.  Cakes bake level, cookies do not burn - everything just bakes so nicely with these pans.  The baking time is even a little less than recommended.  They are made from aluminum and have a pebbled finish.  Even though the finish is not non stick, it does not create a problem.  There do not seem to be any hot spots as there were with my non-stick bakeware.  The baking pans are very lightweight, easy to clean and easy to store.  I just cannot say enough about how delighted I am with this product! I cannot wait to see what new pan they come out with that I have to have!  When I looked online, they sell in thirty-six states and Canada!  Definitely look for them!

Riley, IN


Doughmakers Bakeware

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