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Double Walled Cabernet Glasses. Set of 2

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Pretty and Functional


I received these cups as part of a gift set and love them! At first I wasn't sure about them since they do look rather odd, but I quickly learned that I could do so many things with them! These are great not only for coffee, but for wine and even soup! Yes, you can actually serve soup in these! I've also use them for desserts where you fill the cup with ice cream and pour freshly brewed espresso over it. The clear glass is very pretty and makes for a lovely presentation when you have guests. They're very durable and feel very nice in the hand. They're super easy to wash by hand or you can pop them in the dishwasher. And, if you're having hot chocolate or soup in them you can even put them in the microwave! The double layer glass is great and creates an insulated layer that keeps your drink (or food) warmer longer so the last sip is almost as hot as the first. The design is also great since drinks don't actually touch the bottom of the cup and as such you don't need to use a coaster!

Vernon Rockville, CT


Double Walled Cabernet Glasses. Set of 2

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