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Doskocil Pet Taxi Portable Kennel

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This is a great carrier!


I cannot say enough positive, kind comments about this pet carrier and taxi! I bought this carrier to allow my pet cat a larger space as he had to be kept overnight at my local veterinarian's office, in order to get his neutering first thing in the morning. I hoped that he would have a space that was big enough to both kennel him and give him adequate space as well. He seemed to love it! Keep in mind I bought the larger unit and was able to place a corner ferret litter pan in the corner, littler, and still have room for a blanket, food and water tray on the front grate, and a crinkle ball toy with room to move. My cat did not enjoy the trip to the vet but seemed to like the carrier despite this traumatic event. I also liked that taxi was easy to assemble, was moderately prices, and fit very well in my trunk. I would definately buy this taxi again for other members of extended pet family.



great carrier for travel


for our cat, we wanted an easy way to take her places such as the vet or a relative's house. i was initially against getting a crate because i wanted our cat to feel like he had space to move around and not be restricted. however, we went to our local pet store and they recommended the doskocil pet taxi portable kennel based on our cat's size. we tried it out with our cat. he initially was hesitant to enter the kennel, but we put some toys and treats in, and he got quickly comfortable. the kennel is very spacious. He has room to stretch out and relax. there are plenty of holes for breathing and ventilation. the kennel is easy to carry and fits conveniently in the seat of car. it can easily be strapped in with a seat belt for additional support. If you are looking for a convenient way to help get your cat from place to place, the doskocil pet taxi is very durable, safe, and easy to use.



Great kennel


Well, I used to have one of those collapsible canvas cat carriers... it didn't last long. It seems canvas does not stand up well to a cat determined to get out of a carrier made out of it. I went to a local pet store and they recommended this carrier. This pet taxi has lasted through 2 moves and numerous trips to the vet. He hasn't managed to shred it yet, but he keeps trying. Mine is large enough for my cat to stand up and turn around, offering plenty of room. I like the seat belt slots for securing the kennel in the car and the attachable food and water trays. It comes in several sizes and is easy to take apart and clean out. It does seem a bit flimsy when compared to others and cannot be taken on a plane, but it is a decent carrier for my purposes.

Nashville, TN


Love this kennel


Oh my goodness I so love this kennel, we shipped one of our new little puppies in it and it was just fantastic, nice and sturdy but with plenty of viewing room for the little guys. He loved it and was nice and cozy in it. I was very easy to open and close, and easy to put together out of the box. The color was nice and nuetral and looked up to date at well. It was roomy enough for our little guy with out being so large that he felt like he was floating around in it, he liked it so much that we leave the door open for him and he just crawls back in whenever he wants some me time. We have used other kennel brands before and this has definitely been one of my faves!! I would reccomend it to anyone for travel with a small dog or cat or maybe just for the short trip to the vet, sure to make your pet feel safe and secure, there are lots of slatsa nd areas to look at to help the puppy not feel alone. Definitely one of my favorite buys, good price too!

Toledo, OH


Doskocil Pet Taxi Portable Kennel

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