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Dormer Dormer 211

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the only moisturizor that won't cause a breakout


All my life i had had dry skin. As a male i didn't care too much and went on with my life untill i hit my teens and i started breaking out for 6 years i searched for a product that works. I went through dermatologist after dermatologist for a cure that sped me through half a decade of antibiotics until i fortuitously found an answer. You see i had used many different types of moisturizors if i didn't moisturize i would get huge systs if i did use one of the myriad of other creams i had i would form tiny bumps from the clogging of the pores of the other moisturizors. So when a friend recomended dormer 211 cream i was scepticle but 3 months later i am now dry no more. it is the only cream that actively moisturizes my face without causing those annoying tiny bumps under my skin and makes my skin not burn anymore. So in a nutshell dormer 211 is the only cream that doesn't irritate it is very soothing and non intrusive to other topical treatments.

Voorhees, NJ


Dormer Dormer 211

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