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Doritos - Flamas

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Doritos Flamas is the hottest Dorito ever!!


I never thought I would find a truly hot snack for my super hot taste buds but, I was wrong, Doritos Flamas is the hottest snack I have ever tasted. Doritos Flamas put the fiery habanero kind to shame and this stuff has so much flavoring on it that my fingers were red after eating all of the little 2oz bag. My wife said they smelled really hot, not that I could smell it but I could surely taste the heat. I should have kept the bag since I could not read the ingreidents from the Frito-Lay website so I am not sure what is in this to give these that wonderful heat. Unfortunately probably not available in the big bags or in my area at all, I got this one bag at a gas station somewhere between out home and Chattanooga, we went to see Rock City & Ruby Falls. I have never seen these close to home and probably wont. These I will have to order from online if available because the by far are the best Doritos ever. For you normal people out there these will probably be too hot for you to eat. If you try them & they are too hot you can send me the leftovers. I can never have too much hot!!


Suffolk, VA


Doritos - Flamas

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