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Dorel Home Furnishings
Dorel Home Furnishings Small Spaces Sectional Sofa, Multiple Colors


With versatility in mind, the Small Spaces Sectional Sofa can meet all of your seating needs. Stylish details such as plush microfiber or faux leather, track arms and chaise seating will incorporate beautifully into any living room decor. Available in Black Faux Leather or Chocolate and Gray Microfiber.

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a little uncomfortable


When we moved from a tiny little apartment to a house, we were finally able to upgrade our living room furniture from lawn chairs (not joking) to an actual couch. We chose Dorel Home Furnishings Small Spaces Sectional Sofa, and they weren't kidding about the small spaces part. This is not as big as your normal sofa, even with the chaise lounge, which normal make for bigger sofas. This is smaller than I was hoping for, and it looks out of place with the size of our house and living room. If you have a medium to large sized apartment or a smaller home living room, this should fit and look like it's the right size. Also it's not the most comfortable sofa out there. The cushions are quite firm, almost in a way you'd like for a chair, not a sofa. I, at least, prefer something softer and more plush. I do like the chaise lounge part of the sofa, the firmness of the cushion doesn't seem as bad when you're more or less laying on it rather than sitting.



Great Aparetment Couch


So this couch is perfect for apartments! My boyfriend and I bought it when we moved in together. Neither of us owned a couch and we were looking for one that would fit into the small spaces of an apartment. This couch was perfect and fits in the room really well. The problem with apartments is that most furniture ends up being way too large and makes the whole room look even smaller than it already is. This couch is designed with this in mind, and doesn't dwarf the room. It also feels really well made and sturdy. I wish it was more comfortable, but you can't have everything in life can you. The color is nice, an I like that. It looks really well in our apartment, and blends well with the rest of the décor. The price was perfect for us also. With all the expenses of moving we weren't looking to spend a lot money. This couch was right in our price range too. We haven't owned the couch for too long, but so far are really happy with our purchase.



Dorel Home Furnishings Small SPaces Sectional Sofa


I have a small living room area and really wanted to have a sofa and a chaise lounge, but didn't have the room for that. I was very happy when I found the Dorel Home Furnishings Small Sectional Sofa. It combines a sofa and a chaise lounge. Yes, the cushions are on the small side, but the size of the cushions are in good proportion to the rest of the size. The cushions are quite firm and that could make it uncomfortable for some who are looking for a more plush feel. I did find the chaise section to be more comfortable to sit or lay on than the rest of the sofa. The legs are a little out of style with the rest of the design, but it is something that can be overlooked when the rest of the benefits are in the plus side. The material wears well and cleans well. This is a well priced item for someone who is looking for furniture for a small area or who has a small family. I would not recommend it for people who are tall. This sofa would work very well in a child's play room also.

Hermiston, OR


Decent sectional sofa that is not quite big enough


I have mixed opinions about this sectional sofa. I think this would be a great piece of furniture for a small family, but it does not fit everyone for mine. The Dorel sectional appears to be larger than what it is. The seat cushions are very firm, and it is not the most comfortable feeling. I thought that it would be more comfortable after a few uses, but this was not the case. I do like the color of the sectional in my living room and this piece looks great with the other furniture that I already own. The price is also very reasonable for this type of furniture. The larger portion of the sectional was more comfortable to sit on compared to the other seats. I think the seats are a little small as well, which may have reduced the comfort setting. I would recommend this sectional for smaller families, and it is worth the price. I think I will end up returning this for a larger sectional.



Dorel Home Furnishings Small Spaces Sectional Sofa, Multiple Colors

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