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Dorel 3-in-1 Sleigh Crib

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This crib is not SAFE!


I bought this crib for my son and when he was just 6 months old, he managed to break the sliding bars on the side off of the hinges completely, he fell out on his head and luckily he did not get seriously injured. I had reported this crib for recall.Please do yourselves a favor and do not use this crib. Its made cheap, and it breaks easily! Your child could end up seriously injured or worse with this crib!The clips on the crib are plastic, and they break with very little pressure. They even sent me a new side panel for it, and low and behold, those clips broke as well. I ended up not even getting my money back for the crib, and their customer service was very poor. They didnt even ask me if my son was even ok, they pretty much just brushed the chip off their shoulder.I am very disgusted in this company and their crib. Please people, don't put your child in this. _____________________________________________________________________ I am going to update this review once more. It's been well over a year now since I posted this, and I haven't even heard from the company about this crib breaking. I even reported this to the better business burough and several other child safety companies. And I haven't seen this crib for sale since I've had people report this as defective as well. Yes, I sent your replies in as well! I still did not get a refund, but instead, I put my kid in a regular toddler bed, which he has been safer in, and I haven't had any problems with that. So I hope this review gets to other people, and if you know loved ones that have this crib, please, i beg for your kids safety to not put them in this crib! I wish you all well, and take care! ____________________________________________________________________ **NEW UPDATE** Well I did post a blog about this company finally recalling this product, and yes it's true, just a week ago they did recall this crib finally after 2 years of fighting with these people. However, the downfall is that if you do have this crib, you cannot get your money back. So I am sorry for those of you who did get this product, you cannot return it for a refund unless you have the reciept by the store that you bought it from to begin with.

Beaver Falls, PA


this is a cheap crib, dorel brand 3-in-1 crib


i have taken apart this crib twice, and each time a have taken it apart and moved it, pieces have broken. the drop side clips broke on one side the first time and the second time the other side broke. and my husband fixed it. but i feel it is unsafe and should be recalled. im not comfortable using it. unfortunately i have a very limited budget and can not afford to purchase another crib. and i have been through a enough problems with the first crib that was purchased for  my son. that one was recalled, but i will go through the process of getting this one recalled.

Orlando, FL




My 19 month old grandson had his leg stuck between the drop down rail slat and the end of the crib. His mother, my daughter, screamed for me to come quickly. In a panic I ran to their room and my grandson was screaming and my daughter was trying to get his leg free, I stepped in and had to twist a bit to free his leg. He was on his back, right leg stuck in the slat of the drop down rail!! I know when my children, now grown young adults, were in cribs the slats on their cribs were alot closer together. Why are the slats on the cribs today so far apart that a toddler could get his leg stuck? He has an inch and a half long bruise on his right shin bone and an inch long bruise on his right calf. This crib better be recalled or I will seek a more authoritive resolution. I have pictures on my home computer of the crib and my grandson's bruises. This is a VERY unsafe crib because the space between the slats are too wide!! Also, the sliding mechanism for the drop down rail is plastic and hard to move up and down. When I was a new mother they were metal and worked without much effort at all. Also the bolts holding the crib together keep coming loose. Please do not buy this crib, your child could get hurt!!   Thank you, An Upset & Concerned Grandmother in Texas 

Fort Worth, TX


Dorel 3-in-1 Sleigh Crib

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