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Dorcy 41-4750 180-Lumen 4AA High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight

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bright, easy, compact, all-in-one flashlight


The **Dorcy 41-4750 180-Lumen 4AA High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashligh is a state of the art flashlight that i use all the time, in the kitchen, garage, shed, lawn and everywhere else. i love this flashlight and have already recommended it to my family and freiend and they use it all the time now.**


Orlando, FL


Dorcy HighFlux LED Cyber Flashlight is the coolest and brightest


**Dorcy 41-4750 180-Lumen High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight **is the BEST flashlight I've ever come across and this family have gone through tons of flashlights.  My 3 little boys have a flashlight addiction - they have loved them since they were tiny - it must be a boy thing....although my mom has the same addiction so maybe it's a family thing.  What I love about this** Dorcy Hi Flux LED Flashlight **is that it is SO lightweight, especially for a flashlight that is a decent size and shines so brightly.  Its not so big, bulky and heavy that you get tired of carrying it around - quite the opposite...not great when the 4 year insists it is his turn and he gets you smack dab in the eyes with it. This baby shines bright, it almost reminds me of the headlights on my car.  Also, this **Dorcy Flashlight **runs on AA batteries - four to be exact and they were included with the purchase. I'd say we get a good 5 hours (maybe more) of brightness out of our **Dorcy flashlight, **which I think is really good for running only on 4 AA batteries alone.  I love how the **Dorcy Hi Flux LED Flashlight **has rubber grippers for your hand, a rubber on and off switch and a little nylon wrist cord so you won't accidentally drop it.  The package says its been tested to drop at 8 feet without breaking, I believe it because its very durable.   What made us buy our **Dorcy Hi Flux LED Flashlight **is that it said on the package that you get about 500 feet of "beam" out of it...which is awesome for camping.  It gets pretty dark here in the woods in Michigan during the summertime and what is cool is you get a great narrow beam for when you're on hiking trails at night, yet you still get a small "run off" affect of light to see your surroundings.  I would highly recommend this flashlight, its not super cheap, but then again it's an LCD and works like a good flashlight should - SPOT ON! *Let me know if you end up getting a **Dorcy Hi Flux LED Flashlight **and how much you like yours...I know you will, we do!!! HUGS, Kim*


Livonia, MI


Dorcy LED Cyber Light Flashlight: lasts so long


i like that the bulbs lasts so long and it comes with batteries so i wont have to worry about buying any for a while. the color is great because i love the color yellow, it's perfect for me. it's got 180 Lumens and the run the is about 5HOURS that's along time for a flashlight. the durability is great, it passed a 8 fott drop test perfectly. so i know if my little cousins were to drop it it wouldnt hurt it at all. the LCD light uses hyper strength so it's the bulbs are very bright so i can see where i am going clearly. it has nice grippers so it can't be dropped easily. in all my years of buying flashlights i have never found one as nice and durable and lightweight and great as this one. it is deffinatley one to buy if you want a great flashlight. i would recomend this flashlight to all my friends and family and it's good to have in case of emergencies like tornadoes, earthquakes, floods or power outages in your area.


Jacksonville, IL




The Dorcy 41-4750 180-Lumen 4AA High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight is very nice product that I don't regret purchasing at all. It has a very very very bright light, which is incredibly useful for when the levels of light are just too extremely low to notice any of your surroundings because they are shrouded in darkness and are just plain invisible. The Dorcy 41-4750 180-Lumen 4AA High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight fixes that. It lights up the room amazingly. You see everything clearly. It is almost like high definition. It is almost as if that the lights were never out in the first place! This is such a great product to own for emergency situations such as if a thunderstorm happened to make your power go down and then the lights went out you could use this to see in the dark and get to places you normally wouldn't be able to get to because of your vision would be obstructed by the darkness. I recommend buying it!


Martinsville, IN


A necessity in an emergency


I like to be prepared for anything, and the **Dorcy 41-4750 180 Lumen High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight with Batteries** helps me do just that. This LED flashlight is eco-friendly, plus it  is durable and really works. It lasts for 5 hours, so if I lose power I know I'll have a light to keep me through the night.


Chicago, IL


Dorcy 41-4750 180-Lumen 4AA High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight

4.6 5