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Donvier Chillfast Ice Cream Maker

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fun to use


This ice cream maker is very easy to use. All you need to do is freeze the chilling bowl overnight in the freezer. In my case it did not freeze overnight. I had to wait two days before it froze. I purchased another bowl to have available to make a large volume of ice cream at once. You can only make one batch of ice cream at a time in the same bowl. The solution in the bowl will defrost and not freeze another batch of ice cream. You must place the bowl into freezer again over night. Do not under any circumstance stop turning the hand crank until the product is ready. For some reason the paddle will become stuck inside the mixture and it could snap. It does take a while to become ice cream. But it is well worth the wait. The ice cream in silky smooth. Just make sure to not over fill the bowl. The mixture will expand and then it's a mess. I enjoyed using this product. The bowl will take up a lot of space in the freezer.



simple, fast, easy: donvier chillfast ice cream maker


This is an ice cream maker that is as easy as it comes. The methodology behind the Donvier ice cream machine is to pre-freeze an insulated container inside that will serve to chill and instantly freeze the ice cream mixture you make later. Like it says: no ice cream salt, electricity, or anything else is necessary other than your ability to follow directions. After freezing the cylinder, the ice cream mixture is poured in the ice cream maker, and the crank turned SLOWLY for a short period of time (not endlessly or mindlessly). The results are fantastic All in all, this product is as perfect as they come: it doesn't take too much space, it comes apart easily for cleaning, it doesn't require too much effort, and it is fairly compact. It would be more compact than a full fledged ice cream maker. It produces identical results.

Beverly Hills, CA


Donvier, not your grandma's ice cream maker!


I always wanted an ice cream maker, but the old style with having to use all of the ice and salt etc seemed like too much work! Those old machines were noisy and took way too long! I think I will leave that old way to my mom and grandma to make ice cream! I keep the insert in my 2nd freezer at all times, you never know when you might feel the need for ice cream. When we use the Donvier, it is like family fun time. It is not at all a chore, it is fun! We take turns turning and it is fun for my kids to see how ice cream is made. If there were a downfall to this product, it might be that the ice cream does not get hard enough for my tastes. My husband like his ice cream pretty soft, so it is great for him!

Aberdeen, SD


Eh, it's OK


I had a Donvier ice cream maker before I was given a Cuisinart ice cream maker as a gift. While the Donvier is good, the Cuisinart leaves it in the dust! The Donvier never really made the ice cream cold enough to freeze into anything but a very soft soft-serve. Then, when we put it in the freezer, it would have rather large ice crystals because it wasn't hard enough when frozen. I find it interesting that it tell you to turn the crank only occasionally, while the Cuisinart automatic crank turns constantly. I feel that he constant churning makes for a smoother, more cream, less "ice crystally" final product. The Donvier is OK, if you are averse to using a little electricity, and don't mind some ice crystals with your ice cream, but, if you want REALLY creamy ice cream, and an easy to use and automatic machine, save your pennies, wait for a sale and get a Cuisinart ice cream maker. In my opinion, it's far superior to the Donvier.

Petaluma, CA


Beat the cost of Premium Ice Cream!


If you are an ice cream fanatic who cringes every time the cost of Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Dazs rises, The Donvier Chillfast Ice Cream Maker may be just the thing to add to your kitchen. This is a one quart manual ice cream maker - yes, you crank it. But unlike the manual ice cream churns you may remember from your childhood this one does not make a gallon, does not require ice and salt, and does not require an hour or more of constantly turning the handle. It takes about twenty minutes and you don't have to crank it continuously, but only need to take a few turns every few minutes. Yes, it requires a little more effort than an electric ice cream maker but you can always think of that as being "green". It does have a few quirks. If you hope to be able to have ice cream whenever you want it, you will have to make room in your freezer for the Chillfast canister. You need to remember that "Chillfast" is a reference to how quickly the mix you put in the canister becomes ice cream and not a reference to how fast the canister itself chills. The company suggests that if you do not keep the canister in the freezer it will require a minimum of seven hours to achieve a cold state sufficient to freeze ice cream and, they tell you, leaving it overnight is better. The best place in the freezer to put it depends on how your freezer works. The little booklet that comes with the Donvier Chillfast Ice Cream Maker explains all this, and the fact that neither the canister (which they call a cylinder) nor any of the other parts are dishwasher safe. The whole contraption should be washed with lukewarm water and a mild detergent using a soft sponge or cloth. You should never freeze the plastic parts - the dasher, handle, lid, lid plug, and outer case -- or heat the canister. And you should never handle the frozen canister with wet hands. It is easy to put together and take apart. If you follow the directions and treat it with respect and care, The Donvier Chillfast Ice Cream Maker can make ice cream that rivals or surpasses the premium brands. It can also make sherbets, sorbets, frozen yogurt, ices, and frozen drinks ranging from faux slurpies to frozen daiquiries.

Frankfort, OH


The Donvier Chillfast Ice Cream Maker is quick and easy to use.


The Donvier Chillfast Ice Cream Maker is easy to use. - It has a aluminum inner cylinder that you put in the freezer.   When you want to make ice cream you do the following: - Put the frozen cylinder in the plastic outer case that has a handle. - Pour your ingredients in (use your own recipe or find one in the booklet that come with it). - Insert the paddle. - Put the lid on. - Give the paddle three turns and then repeat every three minutes until the ice cream is the thickness you want. - Enjoy   Clean up is easy, but avoid using hot water on the inner cylinder. Once the cylinder is dry, keep it in your freezer so it is ready to use.

Alpine, UT


Donvier Chillfast Ice Cream Maker

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