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Don Miguel
Don Miguel Cantina Grill Variety Pack

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Easy to prepare, nice for a crowd or just a quick meal!


If you're looking to feed a crowd or just looking for a crispy, tasty snack, the Don Miguel Cantina Grill Variety Pack is a great addition to your freezer. It contains an assortment 3.4 pounds of prepared Mexican-style snacks, including sixteen chicken and cheese empanadas, twelve chipotle chicken and cheese flautas, and 25 shredded steak mini tacos. Each variety is packaged separately in the box, but unfortunately, the plastic bags don't have resealable tops. All you do is take out as many as you need, pop them in the oven at 400-425 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (depending on how crispy you want them to be), and wait for them to heat up. I actually use my toaster oven for small batches - it allows you to make a quick lunch, with a salad and perhaps some fresh guacamole for dipping. The empanadas (really empanaditas, since they're mini-sized) are quite tasty and you can actually see chunks of corn and seasonings. The flautas are just okay, because I find that the filling tends to get a little dry and the flour wrapper is a bit crumbly. The shredded steak mini tacos have nice flavor, but nothing in them but steak, so they are better with guacamole or salsa. These aren't as tasty as you'll find at a good Mexican restaurant, but definitely simple to prepare and serve at home.

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Don Miguel Cantina Grill Variety Pack

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