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Dollar General
Dollar General Shea Butter Baby Wipes

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Not just for babies


Who said wipes are just for babies. The Dollar General Shea Butter Baby Wipes are my go-to wipes, as well as the Dollar General wipes for sensitive skin. They're thick, soft and gentle for any skin type. They are an extra back up product for extra cleanliness. However, they also serve the purpose of multiple uses. The great price is a bonus too.

Memphis, TN


Very moist & smell good


I like how moist these wipes are, especially after a messy diaper! I wanna know my baby's bottom is clean, and these hold their moisture longer than other brands. Shea butter smells great and is really great for her skin..I like that you get more in a pack than leading brands for the cheaper price..

Denver, Nc


Great wipes, good price


I was so happy to find these wipes. I really like shea butter. It smells great. I had seen shea butter in some of the name brand wipes and I thought they were great. The problem was I had to pay extra for the shea butter. All the wipes with shea either cost more or had significantly fewer wipes in them. Having the shea butter is great, but if a regular wipe will still get the job done, I'm not to keen on paying more for one just because it smells good. That's what makes these wipes perfect. They cost less than the name brand wipes, and they still have the shea butter. I really appreciate these when I'm changing a poopy diaper. Nothing smells worse than a poopy diaper, so it's nice to open these wipes and have something else to smell. They have a good feel to them. They're pretty thick too. They aren't going to tear on you. My only complaint about the wipes are that they seem to be a bit smaller than some of the name brand wipes. It's not much of a difference, but I'd like to see them another inch longer.



Dollar General Shea Butter Baby Wipes

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