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Fabric Refresher
Dollar General
Dollar General Fabric Refresher

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Smells Great!


I first tried Dollar Generals Brand of fabric refresher over 10 years ago and I still use it today. The smell is fantastic! I use it on my mattresses, curtains, furniture, well basically on everything that can't fit in my washer. Its well worth the price. It's just as good as any other highly more expensive fabric freshener. I highly recommend Dollar Generals Brand of Fabric Refresher. Trust me you won't be disappointed.


Cincinnati, OH


Inexpensive and gets the job done.


I have a dog, three cats, and four people living in my house, so you can imagine that it gets really dirty and stinky easily. I go through air fresheners, and fabric re-freshener like it's nobodies business. I never would have thought to use the dollar store brand of fabric re-freshener, but I was there looking for other items, and I thought why not it's only a dollar or two. Usually most inexpensive household items I've bought weren't that great, but this was an exception. I mostly use this spray on my couch, dog beds, blankets, shoes, jackets, and other clothing items that aren't stained. It's also just good as a regular air freshener. The scent is wonderful. It's very fresh and clean. It's not strong or irritating, but it makes all the odors completely go away. It even gets rid of pet urine odors. If an item really smells, I like to spray it on them, and then hang it outside in the summer. It doesn't leave any left over odors, or after smells. It's just as good, if not better then other expensive brands. The packaging is also good as well, because it sprays fine mists without dripping or getting on anything you don't want it to. It's very controlled. This is a staple in my household, and I keep it stocked in my closet.


Stroudsburg, PA


Just mixes with odors.


We got a new puppy and he kept having accidents in the house and even though we would clean them up fast, after a while my house started to have some weird smells coming from the carpets and couches. The normal fabric refresher that I bought was out of stock so I picked this up hoping that it would be the same. I sprayed down everything and realized that the scent of this is pretty awful when you spray a lot, it really does smell like bad flower perfume and is pretty over powering at first. Within five minutes of spraying it all I could smell was flowers and dirty dog, it all just mixed together and made my living room smell even worse than it had before. I left for a while and came home to just dirty dog smell still and realized that by smelling my couch the fabric refresher really didn't kill or get rid of any of the odor, it just mixed with it earlier and now it was back. Sad to say it didn't work and really didn't do anything to help.




For the Price...Can't Beat It


No, you're not going to get 'Febreze' when you buy this product, but for a price of less than half the cost of the name brand, it is a product that you will not mind buying. It offers a great smell...and it enhances the entire room that you spray it, not only the furniture. I use this everywhere in the house when it needs a freshen...from the bedroom to the living room, and yes, even the bathroom, too! The product works quickly and efficently to remove mild odors from a wide variety of surfaces. My only complaint is that it leaves the surfaces that are sprayed a little wetter than I would like. If you do not like to spend all of your money to pay for a name, this is the product for you to buy! It is absolutely wonderful, and ensures that your entire home smells great and fresh day in and day out! Performance For a store brand, you will be surprised with this product! It is awesome, and affordably priced. Scent There are a couple of different scents available, and they are all very fresh and nice!


Nashville, TN


Effective and budget-friendly


This smells similar to regular Febreeze and is pretty long-lasting. I use it whenever I visit my boyfriend, who smokes in his apartment with the windows closed. I spray the bed, mattress, curtains, etc, so that I can tolerate smelling the air in the apartment. I also lightly spray my clothes with it to avoid carrying the smell of smoke with me. It has a nice smell and works for a while. I would definitely recommend it. Performance Smells nice and covers up some bad smells for a good bit of time. Scent Smells like regular Febreeze. I wish they offered more scents-tropical perhaps. I can never find any other scents at my stores.




Dollar General Fabric Refresher

4.4 5