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Diurex Water Pills Caffeine Free Capsules 21ct (Alva)

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A Great Alternative To Prescription Diuretics


After I had a heart attack I went in to congestive heart failure which resulted in about a thirty pound weight gain. While I was in the hospital I was given a couple of different prescription diuretics but when I was released I was only given a prescription for three days of medication to help with the massive amount of water weight I gained. I was told, "You need to exercise to force the water out of your body". With that much extra weight and the 31 day stay in the hospital, my endurance and stamina was non-existent. I tried several over the counter diuretics and this one worked better when I had lost about 15 pounds of the water weight. I tried it for two days when I ran out of my prescription medication and it wasn't strong enough. When I lost some of the water weight I switched back to this and it worked much better. Since this is a diuretic you need to be prepared for a lot of trips to the bathroom. You shouldn't quit drinking water while taking this; when you stop drinking water and are taking any diuretic it can deplete your electrolytes. I took this for a week and saw great results from it. By great results I mean I was able to pass more urine and my breathing wasn't as labored. It also helped with being able to sleep without waking up short of breath. When you have congestive heart failure your body can't process fluids as quickly as needed and that puts a strain on your heart. If left untreated it can lead to a serious health risk and permanent damage to your heart. I use this occasionally when I have some water retention or when I am bloated. It starts working in about an hour so if you are planning on taking this make sure that you are going to have access to a bathroom.



Diurex Water Pills Caffeine Free Capsules 21ct (Alva)

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