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Disney baby
Disney baby Daily Renewal Naturals Natural Baby Wash

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Love this body wash!


My children love this body wash just as much as I do for them! It leaves my children's skin without a weird reside after, unlike some natural products have the tendency to do. It also cleans my children's skin very well! I definitely recommend the Disney Baby Daily Renewal Naturals Natural Baby Wash to anyone looking for a good reliable body wash out there without the dyes in it. It smells a bit like baby powder, and it works great while accompanying the Disney Baby matching shampoo! For a Disney product, it is really affordable, and for a natural product, it is really competitively priced! Performance It cleaned the skin well without irritating it. My son has light eczema and it works great with his skin. Granted it doesn't make his skin any better, but it also doesn't make it any worse, which any one with eczema knows, is a win in our book. Scent It smells like baby powder a bit, but it isn't overpowering. They have a lotion that compliment this baby wash nicely.



Another great USA made product


I bought Disney baby Daily Renewal Naturals Natural Baby wash for my daughter a couple weeks ago and it is great. I initally bought the matching shampoo from this line (see shampoo review for more information) and decieded to buy the body wash because it worked so well on my 16 month old daughter. My little girl has sensitive skin and eyes (to the point where Johnson's Baby Shampoo burns her eyes) so it is important to me to buy shampoos and body washes that are gentle and made of natural ingredients. Luckily, I found the perfect baby wash. This baby wash is: - dermatologist tested - hypoallergenic - tear free - sulfate free - paraben free - dye free - pure and natural - low foaming for easy rinsing. - made in USA some ingredients included are - water - aloe barbadensis leaf juice - shea butter - avena sativa - many other natural ingredients The only thing i don't like about this shampoo is that it seems a little too runny and I'm not sure if there is any difference between the baby wash and the baby shampoo.

Kennedy, NY


Disney baby Daily Renewal Naturals Natural Baby Wash

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