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Disney Winnie the Pooh Umbrella Stroller

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You get what you pay for


This stroller was purchased for a vacation. This setup was perfect for the needs of an airport as well as the time we would be outdoors on this vacation. The canopy was a wonderful option for being able to watch the baby while enjoying our time. Design The design of this stroller was wonderful and useful. Safety This stroller was made very durable. There are safety locks to prevent rolling and folding up. Child Comfort My granddaughter loves this stroller and even likes to have us stroll around the yard so she can nap. Maneuverability This stroller s hard to turn on any surface. It is also very hard to roll on smooth surfaces. The front tires will not roll, we have to keep the front tires off of the ground to stroll around on smooth surfaces. However, on rough surfaces, like the lawn or carpet the stroller rolls fine. Durability The stroller is very durable. My daughter in law has even rolled around in it at the insistance of my granddaughter. This is not recommended, but as an example of durability. The stroller works the same as before she sat in it.

Cincinnati, OH


Expect what you paid for, CHEAP


We bought the Disney Winnie the Pooh Umbrella Stroller as a cheap back-up stroller we could throw in the car for quick trips. It does a basic job of moving your child around, just don't expect greatness. It is worth what we paid for it, which I think was about ten bucks or so. Design This umbrella is really basic, the look and design is just as basic. The real main reason why we bought it is because it does fold up rather small in your car. Safety There is a seat belt that goes across your child's lap, and that pretty much sums up the safety. If your child is too small, he may slip around some; it was difficult adjusting straps. Or if your child is throwing a tantrum, he could probably throw himself and possibly knocking the stroller around. DO NOT hang things on the handle bars, it will fall over for sure. Child Comfort The seat is just a basic stroller seat, no padding, and it just hangs there. I wouldn't use it for long trips around amusement parks, but for quick trips to the park with grandma, it should do just fine. Maneuverability This stroller does a decent enough job moving back and forth and around when needed. A few times you'll have to move it around if the wheels get stuck in position, but its not too big of a deal. Durability Ours has lasted a few years, but we don't use it daily, only a few times a year, if that.



Disney Winnie the pooh Umbrella Stroller great for days out


My mom wanted an umbrella stroller for her newest grand daughter. It was important to her that the umbrella stroller featured a canopy to block out sun during daily walks. I purchased this Disney Winnie the Pooh Umbrella Stroller because it did feature a great looking canopy as well as a deep seat and swift wheels. There isn't too much to complain about when it comes to this umbrella stroller because it worked well with my daughter's long legs, pushed smoothly and provided a comfy seat! The only thing that I wasn't too impressed with when it comes to this stroller is the handles. The grip handles do slide from time to time and can become uncomfortable during longer outings. Overall, a great umbrella stroller. It is easy to fold and unfold, which Grandma was worried about at first. It is lightweight and won't take up too much trunk space for on the go. I would definitely recommend this stroller to anyone with a toddler!

Nampa, ID


Disney Winnie the Pooh Umbrella Stroller

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