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Disney Toy Story Multivitamin Gummies

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Disney Gummy Vitamins work, but just "okay"


What can I say about the Gummy vitamins by Disney....they are just okay.  They obviously have all the nutritional value of vitamins, with all the important doses of vitamins, but they definitely have some downsides. First, they smell.  They smell horrible.  They have a rank smell to them that makes them unappetizing, even for a 4 year old who thinks they look like candy.  My 4 year old thinks they smell terrible, but will still eat them (she really does think they're candy). Second, the shapes/designs are completely unidentifiable.  We purchased the Toy Story ones, and besides a hat and a boot, the other shapes are strange (like a rocketship??).  Those of coursse my daughter won't eat right away.  I have to "dig" for the hats and boots. Overall, I would say to stick with the Flintstones vitamins - we will be switching back after this bottle is finished.  Coupon or no coupon, we will be buying Flintstones next go around!

Hampshire, IL


Disney Toy Story Multivitamin Gummies

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