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Disney Saunter Luxe Travel System Alice In Wonderland


Put a spring into your step with a Safety 1st Saunter Luxe Stroller. Full of the features you and your child need to make every journey more enjoyable, this versatile stroller and extra-light infant car seat combo will be a welcome addition to the family. Don’t just take a walk with your child – have a Saunter!

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Like a magic ride


When I was toting around my little one, I found a dilemma when I drove. I had stroller for walks and a car seat for the car. Sometimes I would find myself battling to switch out car seat and stroller, just to get in the car. With guests and sometimes other kids, the car gets small. sometimes we would have to skip walks because of how big the stroller is alone. Luckily I came by this item and it really was a huge help. the detachable car seat/stroller seat was a definite bonus. No longer would I have to worry about bringing a car seat. The Disney Saunter Luxe Travel System Alice In Wonderland works as a two in one car seat/stroller seat combo. This works best for on the go mom's or dad's. the way the product is made also saves space in the trunk and back seat! With the extra weight from the car seat gone the frame of the stroller is very light! That and the product itself is very cute and brings out a sophisticated and playful feel. It's a product that adults and toddlers and babies alike will love.


Disney Saunter Luxe Travel System Alice In Wonderland

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