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Disney Princess
Disney Princess Marshmallow Fun Furniture High Back Chair

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Great Chair!


This chair is great for a child between 1 - 4 years old. It is comfortable and holds up over time. Your child will enjoy having their own place to sit. The colors are nice and stay bright. The fabric is easy to keep clean. Your child will also love that it has her favorite princesses on it! It is really nice and will work great in a toy room, bed room, living room, or family room. It is light weight and easy for your child to pick up and move where ever they would like to put it. It is really cute and just another great princess accessory for your child to play with.




My daughter loves this chair!


My daughter received this chair for a gift for her first birthday. She is now over two years old and still uses it. This chair is pretty and comfortable for her. The fabric is easy to zip off and wash and throw right back on with no shrinkage or it getting too stiff to put back on the chair.


Kingston, PA


Cute little Princess chair


This little Disney Princess chair is adorable. I got it for my 1 1/2 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves it. She sits in it quite often. It seems very comfortable for her. Not to mention, she loves Disney Princess'. The fabric it's made out of stands up to a lot of tugging and pulling. The picture on it hasn't faded even after being washed. That's definitely a plus. I like that the back is straight and not slouched. It helps my daughter sit straight when she's in it, instead of slouching down. The colors on it are very vibrant and the picture is very detailed. The only thing that I'm not too fond of is that if my daughter leans back in it, it does flip over very easily. As long as she's not near anything with it, she is fine. I like that you can take off the cover and wash it. It has been washed a few times and is still in good shape. It's definitely a prodcut perfect for a little girl who loves Disney Princess'.


Seymour, CT


Disney Princess Fun Furniture is not very durable.


I bought one of these for my daughter when I also bought my son the Cars version for Christmas. They loved them when they first saw them. They dragged them into the bedroom and watched cartoons in them all day. I thought they were great... until my kids managed to figure out how to open the zippers on the bottoms. Not only was it easy for a child to get into but the foam was VERY difficult to put back inside. It took me about a half hour each time to stuff the foam back into these chairs! Then another problem. The kids broke the zippers and they were PERMANENTLY open! I tried sewing it shut but my kids managed to rip through that too. Needless to say these chairs didn't last for more than a week. Now they sit in the storage closet unused. The quality of the zipper was the main issue. The kids were able to open it easily from the beginning. I think they should have just welded it shut or even put velcro over it so the kids wouldn't know it was there. Then the zipper itself was such a flimsy plastic that it snapped off easily after being fiddled with a little too much. I understand the zipper is there to make cleaning easy, but in the end it became more of a hassle than a convenience.


Monroe, WI


nice for tots


My daughter loved this! Although she didn't have a princess one she had a Dora one and loved it. It's very comfy and last them quite awhile, gives them something thier size to be comfertable in. The chair is also great for them to watch their little movies in. I like the fun colors and character choices. I also like that this chair is cuddly, nice and soft to plop on, squish so if your child tips he/she is pretty much ground level. You also don't have to worry about any sharp edges or hardness with this chair, one less this to worry about. Also with it being foam your child can't use this chair as a tool to climb up on things, as all little kids like to do as they explore thier world. What I didn't like about the chair is that the cover is hard to get off and put back on, so after a while they chair looked a little shabby and dirty, so we ended up getting ride off it since it looked all stained and beaten up! Got good use


Cedar Falls, IA


Disney Princess Marshmallow Fun Furniture High Back Chair

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