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Disney Pooh Sweet Pooh Musical Mobile, Pink/White

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Really don't like this mobile.


Yes, it is Winnie the Pooh and kids generally love Pooh but there are no cool lights for my baby to look at while he falls asleep, which is also entertaining and helps calm him down. Also, the characters are vertical, so while I can see them perfectly, my son can only see their feet.



Pooh and friends mobile


As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a Winnie the Pooh theme for the nursery. I began buying different pieces early on in my pregnancy. There are many different thing I like about this mobile. It is very versatile, can be used for both boys and girls (which also makes it a great investment if you plan on having more children!). It was very simple to put together, I did it myself. My son loves listening to the music and watching the characters spin around while he is in his crib. The colors are very nice, and it is one of the few mobiles I found that were the newer pooh characters (not the classic version). I only have 2 complaint with this mobile. My first is that the music does not last very long, I wish there was a way to have the music play a bit longer. The second it that sometimes the characters have fallen off and need to be reconnected (there is a knot on the end of the string, and that is what holds it in place on the ends of the mobile). Overall, I am pleased with this mobile, and so is my son!



Disney Pooh Sweet Pooh Musical Mobile, Pink/White

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