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Disney-Pixar Cars
Disney-Pixar Cars Rs 500 Lightning McQueen Remote Control Vehicle


Lightning McQueen from Cars is finally back and better than ever.  Your children will love this car and its forward, reverse, and side-to-side control.  As your child steers the vehicle, McQueen's eyes and body shift as he talks, revealing all the personality brought to you in the movies!

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My Son's Favorite Remote Control Toy!


I bought this for my two year old's birthday and he loves it! He is a huge Cars fan and loves Lightning McQueen most so he was ecstatic! The toy really looks exactly like the movie character car. It's pretty big and bulky which is great for a toddler. Along with this feature it is durable and can take a beating from my son and keep on running. He loves the engine revving sounds, back up sounds, talking, etc. I was really surprised at how easy it was to steer and maneuver for my toddler. He drives it around like a pro! I definitely feel like I got a great deal and it was worth every penny to see my son's face light up every morning when he wakes up and gets it out of his toy box to play with. I have recommended the Disney-Pixar Cars Rs 500 Lightning McQueen Remote Control Vehicle to many of my friends for their small children and a few have actually purchased it off my recommendation! The only complaint that seems to be unanimous for everyone I know who has one and for myself is that the car is extremely loud. Oh well; it's part of the package of making your little one smile. Ha! I am still giving it a 5 star rating because overall, it's a fantastic toy.

Dallastown, PA


So fun


I got the Disney-Pixar Cars RS 500 Lightning McQueen Remote Control Vehicle for my son who has a ride-along Lightning McQueen car. The funny part is that he has never actually seen the movie but has learned quotes from these adorable toys. I wanted to work on his fine motor skills and hand eye coordination through the use of a remote control car. This version is perfect for that because it is just the right size for his little hands. He is currently three and a half, nearly four. There have been a lot of crash and burns so far, but I can tell that he is making progress and getting the hang of how to maneuver the controls to make the car go in different directions. I love that this car is not big and bulky like many other remote control cars on the market. It goes at a pace that doesn't make me worry about him destroying our home or taking out his little brother. The car looks like a "real" car and has been such a great toy for him.

Dallas, TX


Fun RC Car


My son and I were both HUGE fans of the CARS movie when it come our, so I knew when I seen this remote control car I had to purchase it for him. So I did and it is one of the toys he plays with most often. The toy isn't loud like so many of them today. I don't mean to sound like 'that' mom, but those sounds can become quite annoying fairly easily. Not this toy. Unlike many RC vehicles, Lightening McQween can be used on carpet or solid floors. I expected problems but was pleasantly surprised when it worked just as easily on the rug. This car has lights and sounds using the voice of McQueen and the eyes even move as you drive. I think that I have just as much fun with this toy as my son. Would recommend to any parent of a boy who loves CARS,

Nashville, TN


Disney-Pixar Cars Rs 500 Lightning McQueen Remote Control Vehicle

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